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Sunday Link Roundup

In the Sunday Roundup I cover areas that I find interesting in the blogosphere. This week it’s comment spam – which seems to plague every single CMS platform. There are a number of ways people are fighting comment spam. On the Movable Type front here’s a link to the MT wiki on fighting comment spam in MT. Here’s how Drupal deals with comment spam. There’s also the comment spam service Akismet and a link to one blogger’s experience with Akismet

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Upgrade Complete. Mostly.

I have to hand to the guys over at Six Apart the latest version of Movable Type (3.34) is a great improvement over the previous version I was running. Updating and changing templates was a snap. I now use the the Style Catcher plugin for managing styles and it’s a great help. I will be making changes to the templates over the next week but this template is a great improvement over the template “inspired” by Craig Newmark.

Upgraded MT

I upgraded my version of MT to the latest version 3.34. It went off completely without a problem. I find that amazing consideering the instructions were to simply overwrite most of my previous installations files.

Yahoo! Pipes is LIVE!

Pipes which is currently under a Digg effect, strikes me as a really really cool idea. For so long the cool factor of Google has meant that Yahoo has labored under the “big and popular” but not cool.

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LAMP lights the way in open-source security

Here’s the real meat of why the LAMP stack is really beginning to make traction in the corporate marketplace.

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Inventor of Hotmail turns his attention to weblogs

Cause Sabeer’s last too projects went so well. I love the fact that they mention Arzoo. Here’s their quote

Mr Bhatia’s new venture is his first since investing $8m of his own money, along with $7m raised from financial backers in Arzoo, a virtual classroom of free-lance academics and computer specialists who answer questions on IT problems encountered at home, or in a large workplace. That venture, however, ultimately flopped as a business.

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Google Online Storage Service

This highlights a exactly Google’s competitve advantage. They understand their most powerfu feature is the Google platform. They have always used this to role out new ideas that change the way people view the web.

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Center for Addiction

Well Center for Addiction has officially launched. I have been doing a soft pedal launch for about three weeks now, working out the bugs, slowly adding content. It’s one of the first site I have developed in Drupal. Drupal.

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Yesterday the laptops arrived for the web mail station project. I have to say I am very impressed with them. They appear to be well engineered, small and relatively light. Kudos to HP.

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Drupal Outage = Felix Culpa

I have begun recently working with a PHP based CMS (Content Management System) call Drupal. Drupal recently got some play in Slashdot as their site went dark. Remarkably had a Page Rank of 8 on a shared hosting environment.

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