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Center for Addiction

Well Center for Addiction has officially launched. I have been doing a soft pedal launch for about three weeks now, working out the bugs, slowly adding content. It’s one of the first site I have developed in Drupal. Drupal.

Drupal is one of the three leading open source CMS systems. The other two are Plone and Joomla which was the CMS formerly known as Mambo. I didn’t really chose Drupal, I left that up to the guys I was working with to build the site what CMS to choose.
One of my mailing lists I belong to is the former employees of VA Linux where the recent question of what CMS to use. The question was posed by John Chronister, and I have to say this about the list – there’s no lack of opinions on the issue. In the end John ended up chosing Plone which is a fine choice. It’s written on top of the Zope Application Server. It’s also written in Python which is a robust programming language. I will probably install it at some point. It’s a good excuse to learn Python. Of course I should really do some more marketing for Center for Addiction as NO ONE knows about the site yet.

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