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Spam and Globalisation

One of the more interesting about the globalisation of the workforce is the globalisation of spam. I am not talking about just email spam or trackback spam. I am talking about all forms of spam.

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Crisis Management – VS. Menu Foods

The recent pet food recall got me thinking about crisis management. Naturally I thought back to to my post on Godaddy’s failure in crisis management. In this post I compare the how the two companies handle their own recent crises.

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Failure in crisis management

Bob Parsons is the out spoken owner of Go Daddy. Godaddy has been experiencing DDOS over the last few days that has kept his registrar and almost all of his customers hosting web sites offline.

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Eating your own dog food. Or how by being your own customer you improve your product!

There’s a common business phrase “eating your own dog food.” It dates from the earliest dog food commercials in television when ultimately would the dog eat the food. It doesn’t matter how good a product looks if the consumer doesn’t use it, it’s useless.

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