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Coronado Ventures Forum – Mobile apps forum

I went to the Coronado Ventures Forum on mobile apps which only had one speaker with a mobile application. (Sorry Ipad only apps don’t count in my mind). Mobile apps are just that mobile apps. Ipad usage is similar to netbook usage by consumers and typically that is at home. That was the CEO of Jack Rabbit Systems, Andrew Van Luchene. It wasn’t a bad event. I wish the moderator had kept a firmer hand on the tax crank who showed up.

Yet another reoccurring theme of the night was the difficulty of finding talent in New Mexico. By talent people mean engineering talent. It was problem at Deep Web and it’s going to be a for any startup in New Mexico. My advice of course is to design your development environment to be entirely virtual so you can go after talent where ever you can. This requires a more disciplined approach in the design and requirement phase of the project as you cannot rely on informal communication to sort out issues. This means Github for code control, campfire for virtual discussions and some form of project management tool that is virtual. That will allow you to scale your organization without being tied geographic regions.

Start Up Profile: Packet Analytics, NetFlow Security Company

With so many web 2.0 startups running around with too many consonants in their name, it’s hard for a traditional software startup to get some of the buzz that yet another youtube clone might. Today I am profiling Packet Analytics which provides a NetFlow search engine.

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I missed the initial beta launch of two months ago. I have been swamped at DWT and quite frankly the people search space isn’t one I am particularly interested in.

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Business Incorporation

A very common mistake among young entrepreneurs is not to incorporate but rather to run their business as a sole proprietorship. This is a mistake on several levels. First off if your business is going to grow to any size, you are going to need to have the asset protection of a corporation.

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Hiring – Another key factor in start up success

One of the luckiest things about Brave New Worlds is that I mostly lucked out when it came to hiring. I seemed to get the best people, that wasn’t entirely due to luck however. We didn’t conduct any Pre-Employment Screening. Once we got what I would like to term “bad hire.” Boy did we learn from that experience!

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Is Facebook the new Pointcast?

I was thinking about this post about how Mark Zuckerberg turned down the billion dollar buy for The post seems to agree that turning down the billion dollars was the way to go. I disagree and I think not accepting the buyout was a bad move. Here are my seven reasons why

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Coffeeshop Usability Testing

I now have roughly 5 months of data dealing with the beta test of my comparison shopping engine. In the short time it’s been up, with ZERO advertising dollars, it has achieved a Page Rank of 6 and an Alexa ranking of 150,000. That said I think there is room for serious improvement.

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Legal Structures, Acquisitions and Startups.

One thing that hasn’t changed in a start-up is choosing the correct legal form for your web startup. Because of the way deals are often structured, your legal entity can either hinder or help you. Let’s go over some of the options.

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