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Thalasar Ventures offers a number of services to companies. Our primary service is Search Engine Customer Acquisition (SECA) of which SEO is a part. We take a holistic view of the process of acquiring customers via a search engines. It’s part of a customer acquisition and retention strategy that starts with a web site and continues through out the life of the customer. Let’s be frank businesses today are busier than ever. Optimizing customer acquisition is an activity that companies can easily overlook with a simple,

“We have always done it this way.”

Business as usual gets you results as usual as well.

We don’t believe in business in usual.

We believe in making your business run easier, with clear success metrics for your web site and acquiring new customers. Our SEO subsidiary of Thalasar Ventures. Our services are pretty straightforward. We offer seo disaster recovery services. In many way this makes us the janitors of the search engine world. We clean up other people’s messes. Hired that firm on eLance only to find out not only they cannot put your site on the top result in Google for that keyword you desperately wanted but for some reason you cannot seem to find your site at all in Google search results. We can fix that.

Have a campaign that isn’t converting well at Google (or not converting at all)? We can fix that.

We implement a search engine customer acquisition strategies for a customers, repair their current ones and drastically improve their their current search engine strategies to improve sales, increase customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line. That’s why you don’t see discussions of keywords, meta tags, link building in our services section. Yes we do those things but those they are secondary to our primary goal – generating additional revenue and target customers converting on your web site. That’s what we do and we are among the best at it.

So please I encourage you to contact me directly. You can email me at or call me at 505-617-1191 and I will gladly help you in any qay I can.

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