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Season Premiere

I missed last week’s season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. Luckily for me SciFi will stream the episode to me at Battlestar Galactica streamed from Scifi. Some thoughts on the show.

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Sometimes a Cylon is just a Cylon.

Rarely do I comment on articles appearing in Slate but Spencer Ackerman’s article about Battlestar Galactica supporting the Iraq insurgency is simply too much to let pass. Part of the problem is that the Iraq war comparison is so frakking obvious a high school freshman could make the analog – this is supposed to be insightful? And because it’s so obvious, I am sure the writers have thought about it. Once you dig a little deeper, it’s pretty obvious that Spencer is off (other than the obvious. Yes there is a war in the show and yes it has an insurgency.)

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Season Finale Time for BSG

This post will contain numerous spoilers so be forwarned. If you haven’t watched BSG’s Season Two finale and you don’t want to get spoiled I suggest that you hit the back button now.

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Latte Sippn’ Cylons

Last episode of BSG was superb television. This post contains numerous spoilers so look away if you haven’t watched the episode. This is your last chance before I launch into the post.

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