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Never to really be left behind, has developed their shopping comparison engine to be a social shopping engine. Realizing the huge stickiness of social shopping applications, they are responding to the new social shopping sites like the The Find. Given that has been around for nearly 15 years, can this old dog learn a new trick?

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Texas Insurance Rates Comparison

When looking for the lowest price on insurance in Texas, why waste time getting quotes from multiple vendors?

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Sometimes your best researcher is one of your competitors, usually a much better funded competitor. Sometimes however you just scratch your head and wonder. I got this email from the guys that run yesterday.

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Windows Live Shopping is closed

Brian over at has a pretty good write-up. My guess is that Windows Live Shopping pretty quickly found out that they weren’t going to have any traction in the marketplace to support the size of the team running it. Good for me and Early Miser – compare everywhere. If I really had to take a stab at why they closed I suspect they found that many of the Live features didn’t really add to the customer experience.