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Category : Domains

A friend of mine recently launched a category based shopping site called Category Shop.

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Dog Domains

I am a noted dog lover. I currently have 4 dogs; two Tibetan Mastiffs which are large working dogs native to the Tibetan plateau. They are noted for their size and power (males typically range 125~160 lbs). They are very suspicious of strangers, protective of their families and surprising emotionally sensitive to disagreements. They are not dogs for everyone. In fact the breed which is a rare breed simply isn’t for everyone. I also have a Charpei Lab mix named Devo. Devo is a rescue from the Pasadena Humane Society and a Chow Chow Austrialian Shepherd mix also a rescue from the Pasadena Humane Society. Sasha, the Chow Chow/Austrialian Shepherd mix is a great dog, highly intelligent (from the Australian Shepherd side no doubt).

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Domains I own

Over the years I have acquired domains in much the same way a book collector acquires books. After a while you own way too many of them and have no idea what you were thinking when you acquired them. You of course are pretty loathe to part with them.

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