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Domains I own

Over the years I have acquired domains in much the same way a book collector acquires books. After a while you own way too many of them and have no idea what you were thinking when you acquired them. You of course are pretty loathe to part with them.

In this series of posts I am just going highlight what I was going to do with them – just so I don’t forget what the hell I was thinking when I purchased the domain. Heres a classic example. When Dungeons and Dragons was going the “open source” route with the D20 license, I thought, “Cool, now a bunch of people will want to play pen and paper roll playing games.” It just goes to show how much I love role playing and how out of touch I can be. So I went on a virtual orgy of rpg related domain buying. There is of course, where the new found hordes of rpgrs would buy stuff. I also got RPG Advice, and which would help the new young GMs with campaign advice.
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