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Designing for changing aspect ratios.

Once thing that has changed over the last 5 years is the growth and replacement of the CRT monitor. LCD monitors have completely replaced CRTs with new computer shipments. This means a design change for website owners since LCD have a different aspect ratio.

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Things to Watch for when buying an online directory.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I had taxes and another ongoing dispute with another provider consumed my last two days. One of the things I have done in the past is build a web site (like and then sell it. This is sometimes a tricky proposition. This post though is how to value the other end of the transaction, namely how to buy and make money with a small directory

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Canonical URLs Revisited.

About a year a go I posted about a little problem that was more of an annoyance really.
canonical urls. This was a problem where you had to make sure your link building efforts were consistent and always had the same URL. I thought a year ago something like shouldn’t have been the problem that it actually was. Well Google has finally set their own set of tools at Google’s Webmaster Tools and one of the tools is a simple tool allowing you to tell Google what URL to use for your site.

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I owe Jeff Barr a BIG apology!

What can I say. I am an idiot. A total fool sometimes. I haven’t talked too much about Best Buys Zone or Best Buys Zone UK lately but they were the sites that gave me the initial idea for Early Miser – compare everywhere at once. Best Buys Zone was a project a built a few years ago with the help of a top notch Russian programmer. It pioneered or rather completely invented the category of shopping by RSS.

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Yahoo! Pipes is LIVE!

Pipes which is currently under a Digg effect, strikes me as a really really cool idea. For so long the cool factor of Google has meant that Yahoo has labored under the “big and popular” but not cool.

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