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Drug Rehabilitation Center

One of the first projects I did when I moved to New Mexico was the which was a directory of drug rehab & treatment facilities in the United States. I built that site because a former girlfriend struggled with cocaine addiction. In building that site I have taken a look at hundreds of drug treatment facilities’ programs and websites.

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Got an idea for book?

Well sometimes an idea for book is all that you need. Writing your own book is a time consuming process. More importantly you might not have the writing chops to make it fly. That’s where a quality ghostwriter comes in!

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I got an email from Broc over at Existential Adventures about his first giveaway

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Icons VS Text Links VS Nothing?

As you can see I have added icons to various social bookmarking services at the bottom of posts. I think they are kinda cute and they replaced my text based links which I had previously. After making the change (and writing an MT plugin to do it – I should have checked the plugin directory BTW. There’s a plugin that already does it!) I began wondering if it made sense to do this?

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Anna Nichole Smith

A ton of people are blogging about poor Anna Nichole Smith and the MSM is reporting about it. One of the things that has irritated me about much of the commentary is how Anna Nichole married Texas oil billionaire J.Howard Marshall – here’s the Wikipedia entry

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Living in New Mexico

Since moving to New Mexico I really enjoyed the country life. I grew up in Indiana on a small hobby farm (7.5 acres) so I really enjoyed the return to country life. My wife who has always lived in cities in California has really enjoyed the move. There are times of course when we miss the various amenities of city life – like really nice sushi restaurants. Yesterday was one of those times.

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I owe Jeff Barr a BIG apology!

What can I say. I am an idiot. A total fool sometimes. I haven’t talked too much about Best Buys Zone or Best Buys Zone UK lately but they were the sites that gave me the initial idea for Early Miser – compare everywhere at once. Best Buys Zone was a project a built a few years ago with the help of a top notch Russian programmer. It pioneered or rather completely invented the category of shopping by RSS.

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Why I don’t use a Blackberry. Or a cell phone.

When I left Pasadena I made a conscious choice to adapt a “slower” lifestyle. Why? Because I sensed that all that sound and fury signified nothing. Now after nearly two years here I can safely say it was the right choice.

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Not a small guy

I am not a small guy. In fact while I am not fat, I am pretty big. I played football one year as a lineman in Division III so I am still pretty big. Another problem I have is that I like loose clothing.

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Great Post

over that at Media Punk about the gaming industry and how it doesn’t make games for adult gamers.

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