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Going Global

Global expansion is something large corporations do all the time. It’s also good idea for any affiliate marketer to consider. I recently launched a Canadian shopping portal, a Faire du shopping which is a French shopping portal. That’s not all either.

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In my previous post I covered where to buy wholesale merchandise below cost and how this can give a entrepreneur and advantage. This post is how can give another advantage – and that’s in custom published products.

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Where To Buy Name Brand Merchandise Below Wholesale Cost?

Looking online, especially on eBay, we can find businesses selling merchandise for prices which would make any physical store lose it’s shirt (so to speak). The question that’s being asked is where merchants get their goods so cheap. Are those original goods? Are they knockoffs? Or maybe those are wholesale companies retailing their merchandise online? If you search online for terms like Wholesale Clothing liquidation you will find the new trend of wholesale clothing which are called closeouts.

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Eating your own dog food. Or how by being your own customer you improve your product!

There’s a common business phrase “eating your own dog food.” It dates from the earliest dog food commercials in television when ultimately would the dog eat the food. It doesn’t matter how good a product looks if the consumer doesn’t use it, it’s useless.

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New Project – An Online Business Directory

While it’s a pretty common thing to do an online directory these days, I am trying my first one. My first online directory is using a PHP Link directory, a piece of software designed to build a directory.

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One of the problems I have been dealing with has been canonical URLS. For those of you who don’t work in SEO, web publishing or really worry about your search engine position this issue may seem a little dry and boring and to be perfectly frank about it – it’s incredibly boring.

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