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Crisis Management – VS. Menu Foods

The recent pet food recall got me thinking about crisis management. Naturally I thought back to to my post on Godaddy’s failure in crisis management. In this post I compare the how the two companies handle their own recent crises.

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Failure in crisis management

Bob Parsons is the out spoken owner of Go Daddy. Godaddy has been experiencing DDOS over the last few days that has kept his registrar and almost all of his customers hosting web sites offline.

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17 PR Tips for Start-up Businesses

This weeks guest blogger is Joan Stewart, a publicist and all around publicity hound. This is her post on the 17 rules of publicity for startups. Take it away Joan!
You’ve launched your own business, and you’re dying to spread the word about what you do.
But you don’t know where to start. And you’re intimidated by those other small businesses that seem to be the media darlings, or the ones that are getting all the attention from the bloggers.
It’s time to start claiming some of the limelight for your online or bricks-and-mortar business.
Before you do anything, vow that you’ll work as hard as you can to become an expert in your topic. People want to do business with experts. And the media wants to interview them.

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Press Release Tips

Press releases are a great way to build incoming one way links. They are also a way to get the press and blogs writing about your product or site. Of course most web marketers know next to nothing about how to write a press release or even how to interact with journalists. They don’t take the time to learn how to really pitch a story to a journalist or what’s even the best way to approach a journalist. That’s too bad because just learning a few simple rules can mean the difference between getting a story written about your project and a journalist putting you on a spam blacklist. Let’s go some of those rules so your next press release campaign can be a success.

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