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How to Run TBS 6925 Digital Tuner card on Linux and Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux is a great basis for a general purpose MythTV Media Centre and has the latest version of MythTV (0.22) ready to install from its DVB software repositories. This guide shows you how to get MythTV working for free-to-air digital satellite channels in the UK with the new TBS 6925 card. However, much of it will be applicable to anyone using a DVB-S/s2 tv card.


Freesat currently uses the DVB-S standard for all channels, but the HD channels may be changing to use DVB-S2 at some point in the future. For that reason, it may be worth investing in a DVB-S2 card such as the TBS 6925. Different from the other Linux TV card, TBS 6925 is intended for professional use. It can support 16APSK/32APSK transponders, DVB s2 CCM, DVB s2 VCM and DVB s2 ACM mode. The key feature of this sat pc card is to capture multiple Transport Stream and Generic Stream up to 190 Mbit/s channel bit rate and support a Wide range symbol rates from 200Ksps to 45Msps. It works seamlessly with Linux system and supports Mythtv well. It has updated the latest Linux driver which supports all kernels up to 2.6.38. No double it is the best mythtv supported card. MythTV can record and play the HD channels as long as your PC is capable.

Installation MythTV on Ubunt

You have two choices when installing MythTV on Ubuntu. You can either install from the standard Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu CD and then add the additional packages or try the ready made Mythbuntu distribution.Mythbuntu contains all the packages you need for Ubuntu and MythTV on one CD. It is especially recommended for beginners when installing from scratch. However, it uses the Xfce desktop which, in my opinion, is not as polished as the standard Gnome desktop. For this reason I prefer to install from the standard Ubuntu CD and then load the MythTV packages on top.You can download the latest Ubuntu CD image from here. The Desktop Edition is probably the one to go for. This is a live CD, so may take a while to boot up before you can click the “install” icon on the desktop. Follow the steps you will be easily to setup Mythtv on Ubunt.

Installing TBS 6925

Turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall. Open up the case and look for a short, white card expansion connector on the motherboard. Next to it should be at least two more white connectors that look similar but are longer. If this connector is already being used by another card, you can still install your tuner in a long connector. The PCIe card with TV tuner for Linux will still run as a PCIe x1 when installed into the longerx4/ x8 or x16 connector.

The next is to install the Linux drivers for TBS 6925. You can find it the latest Linux kernel on the attaching CD or download it directly from buydvb.

Run TBS 6925 Tuner card on Linux and Ubuntu

To configure Myth, you run the mythtv-setup utility and step through the options. Select it from the menu: System->Administration->MythTV Backend Setup.Once you have logged in again, run MythTV Backend Setup once more. Click OK to stop the mythbackend process and and the mythtv-setup utility should run. Select TBS 6925 DVB S2 card, change the Card Type to “DVB s2 capture card (v3.x)”. It should detect it and show your card details. It is possible to use “virtual tuners” to record more than one channel on a single tuner as long as they are on the same multiplex. Select the “Recording Options” button and set “Max Recordings” to >1. This governs how many simultaneous recordings can be made from theTBS 6925. There are currently up to 20 channels broadcast on a Freeview multiplex. See here for more details.If you have two cards or a dual tuner, repeat the above steps, changing the DVB Card Number to 1.

After finding the DVB S2 card with the video source, A good Display Name would be “Freeview”. Set the Video source to the one we’ve just defined, “EIT”.Hit “Scan for channels” and set the correct country. Hopefully, this will find a load of channels and radio stations. Go here and check you have all the channels you need. If there are any you don’t want, uncheck the “Visible” box.

On the latest versions of MythTV there is a button on here to download the channel icons.

Now you can exit the setup utility. It will ask you if you want to run mythfilldatabase. Answer NO because we’re using the EIT. Now run a MythTV Frontend from the menu: Applications->Sound & Video->MythTV FrontendAt this point you should finally be able to watch Freesat HD TV!

As we know, TBS 6925 is a professional satellite card. Many unknown or locking satellite frequency and transponders can be scanned under 16APSK/32APSK .More surprises would be waiting for your with this amazing sat pc card. are the professional online DVB store, We provide all kinds of Satellite TV Receiver, Digital TV Recorder, HD Recorder,PC HDTV tuners, video capture cards, ,DVB-T Stick ,phoenix card reader,USB Smargo card programming pus, CAM CI module and ship it anywhere in the world!

How to Pass the particular Linux system Moreover Accreditation Exam

Linux certification would be the brain child with the Processing Technology Industry Association that is typically known as CompTIA. The Linux certification will be called as being a vendor fairly neutral certification examination as it just isn’t one that complies with a specific merchant’s software program or components. This particular exam will be considered to be the most different variety of assessment whenever we talk about the actual Info technologies business. You will discover plenty of licensed programs than it firms just like Novell’s Licensed Novell Industrial engineer (CNE) qualification, Reddish Hat’s Certified Industrial engineer Accreditation (RHCE) etc which might be coping with a particular merchant’s components or even software.

An individual’s understanding and also ability level around the A linux systemunix operating program is actually tested whenever one will take your Linux qualifications exam. Your certificate dish are going to be the specialist throughout software program configurations, administration associated with Linux-based systems, it is hosts along with safety, understanding file permissions along with indicating knowledge of consumer supervision. All of the elements associated with Linux operating system offers to be trained from the person in the event that she or he needs to pass the Linux certification program.

There isn’t any uncertainty that a candidate who has passed the Linux certification examination will be able to learn your expertise along with expertise regarding A linux systemunix program and can become a 6-12 thirty day period specialist Linux program administrator. The Linux exam provides to become finished inside the needed time that will become made digitally readily available within the pc. A prospect can get ninety min’s to reply ninety eight queries. Your examination user interface is actually extremely a lot user-friendly and only 1 query in a period are going to be exhibited around the pc screen. As soon as the particular exam can be finished from the candidate, the particular laptop will certainly commence assessing the individual’s document plus the score page will probably be quickly shipped to the applicant inside the form of a new print.

An person may need to rating any minimal of 675 represents out of 700 signifies so as to pass the actual Linux qualification examination. Generally there score print out can tutorial the particular applicant around the answers skipped simply by him or her within situation your prospect couldn’t realize the particular minimum represents necessary regarding ensuring any move. This can be pretty helpful with regard to applicants willing to retake the particular exam.

There is often a posted material accessible on the arranged regarding objectives regarding Linux qualifications which is launched through CompTIA. The objectives unveiled simply by CompTIA can give details of the items info which 6-12 a few months experienced Red hat technique administrator should end up being conscious away and ways to use it in order to complete effect.

Training pertaining to tests is these days very easily obtainable on the web. The candidate who has the passion to pass the actual Linux qualification examination should become aware with the apply tests, on the web tutorials, study manuals, concerns along with answers that are readily obtainable on the web these days. The majority of these kinds of research supplies tend to be produced simply by major exam experts from it sector.Inches

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Linux Web Hosting vs Windows Web Hosting India

It is high time somebody put his foot up and settled this debate once and for all. This has ranged for years together and till date, there has been no fitting conclusion to this. Many have given up on this, and many continue to find a fitting finale to this debate that has made the best of debaters sweat and toil over logic.

When was the last time their benefits, pros and cons were extensively put under debate? Yesterday, perhaps! The thing that both are used extensively across the world sort of instigates a debate every now and then! Linux Web Hosting vs Windows Web Hosting India never seems to cease!

The benefits that come with the Linux Web Hosting include the likes of affordability, extensibility, steadiness, fast running time and less consumption of CPU power for controlling functions. Linux is a free, open source, low cost and UNIX-based operating system. It is the best possible option for the ones looking forward to ne developer friendly environments.

It helps give an enhanced performance. It is flexible, and best suited for fine tuned and task specific configurations. Because of Linux Web Hosting, system administrators have all the liberty they need to configure Linux Servers appropriately.

On the contrary, Windows Web Hosting India has never been that far. It is the most suited form for the .Net framework. In case your website happens to be heavily dependent on the .Net framework or on Visual Basic, there is no better option than Windows Web Hosting India.

Front Page Extensions are provided best through Windows Web Hosting in India. This is the ideal platform to work on applications like Microsoft Front Page. The pages hosted can be d7ynamically database driven. In case you as an end user wish to use dynamic database driven websites, then this is where you put your money.

One of the best things to happen to end users is the control panel being available in both Linux Web hosting and Windows Web Hosting India. This is the panel through which control can be exercised over all options, ensuring it works exactly the way the end user wants it to. Then there is the customized mailbox. This helps a great extent in sending and receiving emails from anybody, at any point of time. There are plenty of options that help enforce maximum security.

It is very easy to take the debate further and as long as aficionados are there, ones with a thing for rhetoric, this debate is probably never going to cease by any measure. It will just go about ranging on and on for a long time, till somebody really gets frustrated and feels like putting an end to it.

The benefits are evident. The fallacies too are pretty clear. There are admirers everywhere, and then there are cynics too. But questions still hover about which suits everything best. There is no verdict on this. The final wager would be the use of each service accordingly, one that suits a given website. Choose options carefully, depending on the need for the moment.

John Anthony is Internet Marketing Consultant and currently associated with IDS Web Hosting, Web Hosting Company India provide Linux Web Hosting, windows web hosting services and more.

Install Linux Mint And Enjoy Seamless And Secure Computing

If you are looking for a more secure operating system than Windows Linux Mint could be an ideal choice. Even if you are using Windows 7 or Macintosh operating system then too, you will find this OS attractive. One of the most alluring features is that this OS is less vulnerable to viruses, Trojans, and other malware. In this article we have discussed why you should go for Linux Mint. You can get operating system support from a reliable remote computer repair company.

Linux Mint was primarily launched as a variant of Ubuntu operating system. There have been loads of changes since its launch and now this OS integrates a custom desktop and menus as well as various unique configuration tools. In addition, there is a web-based package installation interface.

Linux Mint is not a resource hungry application and its hardware requirements are very less. They system needs to have just Pentium II 350 MHz processor or higher, 512 MB Random Access Memory (RAM), Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution and Sound card.

Let’s take a look at how to how to install Linux Mint using USB. In order to install Linux Mint on your PC, download and ‘burn’ Linux Mint into a compact disc (CD). Then insert the CD in your computer and select CD as the first boot device. Wait for some time and allow the Linux Mint to load. Whenever the ‘Partition screen’ will appear you need to decide whether you want to remove the contents of the hard drive completely or you want to keep Windows operating system as a back up. If you would like to keep it, click on ‘install side by side’ and adjust the slider. You also have to insert all the user data and then click on ‘finish’. To install Linux Mint it will take 15 to 20 minutes. After completing the installation process, restart your PC and take the CD out.

Would you like to install Linux Mint from USB? If yes, then you need to have a USB flash with more than 2 GB. Now, get the USB installer and run the program. You have to format the USB drive as the standard format and choose the level of ‘Persistence’ from the drop down box. Next click on ‘Install’ and complete the installation process.

The most alluring feature of Linux Mint is that it is absolutely free and unlike Windows XP and Windows 7, you don’t have to buy the operating system CD for installing it. Since the OS is less vulnerable to malicious objects than that of Windows operating system, it is far better than any other OS.

Online computer support has now become one of the best modes of PC repair. For computer repair Services in UK, you can get in touch with a reliable service provider.

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Linux VPS – Finding A Reliable Hosting Provider

Linux VPS offers a number of benefits over shared servers. For those who have decided to give virtual private servers a try, it would also be important to ensure that the hosting provider you select is reliable and efficient. A large number of users today find VPS to be a better solution compared to dedicated or shared servers since it offers them the benefits of both. Selecting a good hosting company will ensure that your experience is better and that you will not face any major technical problems. 

Choose a company that is experienced

A very important fact to consider when choosing a company that offers Linux VPS is experience. A company that is experienced will have many past customers so you will be able to easily find dependable, unbiased reviews. A new company would not yet have a track record in the industry and finding information about that company can be quite difficult. When a company has already been in the market for a few years it goes to show that they must be offering services that their customers are satisfied with.

Hosting provider must cater to your requirements

When you search for hosting service providers you must also insist on finding one that caters to your  individual requirements. There are many factors that you will have to think about like your knowledge about servers, the requirements of your website and your budget. A good and experienced company must be able to offer different packages so that you will be able to find something that is suitable to your needs. Managed and unmanaged servers are two of the most important choices that every hosting company must offer. 

Technical assistance

A very important consideration while selecting Linux VPS is to ensure that you will get round the clock, sound technical assistance. Any good hosting company must provide you help with technical problems whenever you need. Server problems must be solved at the earliest so that your customers do not have to suffer. Online chat, phone and email are the three options that any good company offers today as a way to contact them. The company’s technical assistants must be knowledgeable as well as experienced so that they can effective solve your issues at the earliest. Your budget is something that you will also have to consider. A good hosting company must have choices in different price ranges so that you can find an option that you can afford. If you keep all of the above discussed points in mind while selecting a hosting company you would be able to find an affordable, reliable Linux VPS package easily.

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Linux VPS – Finding A Suitable Hosting Package

Linux VPS is used today by thousands of webmasters and web developers around the world as it offers cost savings, flexibility, control and better performance. For those who are no longer satisfied with shared server and want better performing hosting technology, virtual private servers are the right answer. There are many hosting companies that offer this particular option today and with just a little care and research you can easily find a hosting package that is affordable as well as suitable for you. 

Explore your options

If you are thinking about opting for Linux VPS it would be best to be a little patient before you purchase a hosting package. Since there are several hosting providers and hundreds of different types of packages available, you will need to have a little time on your hands to research. Go through the options currently available, compare the features and benefits provided by each against the cost and then select one that seems to be the most appropriate. 

Technical support is important

When purchasing a hosting package it is very important to select a hosting provider that would be able to offer you good technical support round the clock. In most cases, it is best to select a well known, popular and reputed service provider since they would be able to offer you better prices, efficient support and there will also be a larger community that you can turn to for tips and help. Most of these providers offer Linux as an option so you will not find it too difficult to get what you are looking for. 

Selecting the right features and tools

Your should select a Linux VPS hosting package that has already been used by several other users and has good reviews. The package must also include several features and tools that you would need when you manage your server. Many hosting companies today would also be willing to customize the package and offer you software, applications and programs that you need. Select a company that offers you support and reliability since you would have to turn to them later when the programs do not work. 

More than anything else, your package must offer the basic VPS features and benefits. You should receive technical assistance 24/7 from your service provider. This is especially important if you want to ensure that your visitors would not face any problems later due to downtime. The right Linux VPS hosting package will ensure that your server performance is as per expectations, is reliable and that you would not face any major problems later on.

To get more information about Linux VPS and to find a host of other services, please visit

Linux: An example of Open source and free software

The operating system kernel of Linux in known as Linux kernel. Linux kernel was designed and developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Since then its popularity soared considerably. As per a survey conducted in June,2010 Linux market share is 4.8%. The market share increased by 0.3% since May,2010, which indicates that popularity of Linux is still growing.

Free and Open Source Software

Linux is one of the finest examples of free and open source software collaboration. Free and open source software is a software which is is munificently licensed to grant the right of users to use, study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. All the underlying source code of Linux could be used, changed and redistributed, for both business and non-business  purposes, under the GNU General Public License.

Linux Design

Linux belongs to the Unix family. Much of its basic design has been derived from Unix design principles. Linux uses a monolithic kernel, called Linux kernel. Linux kernel handles networking,process control, peripheral and file access. Generally, Device drivers are integrated with kernel straightaway. Another option is to add device driver as modules while the system is running. The system’s higher level functionality id provided by separate projects which are interfaced with kernel. The graphical user interface has been designed on  the model of X Windows system.

User Interface Of Linux

Linux provides both command line interface and graphical user interface to its users. The default mode for desktops is graphical user interface. Command line interface is used by most of  the low level Linux components. Command line interface is suitable for automating the repetitive tasks because it provides very simple inter process communication. The command line interface from the Linux desktop could be accessed through a graphical terminal emulator. KDE plasma desktop,GNOME and Xfce are the most popular user interfaces among the desktop systems. Many favorite user interfaces have been designed based on X Windows Systems.

Programming On Linux

Linux supports most of the programming languages. GNU tool-chain contains most of the utilities including GNU Compiler Collection and GNU Build systems.  GNU Compiler Collection consists of Ada,C,C++,Java and FORTRAN compilers. Apart from that Linux supports Intel C++, IBM XL C/C++, Sun studio compilers. Among dynamic languages, Perl,Python,PHP and Ruby are supported by Linux.

Linux Applications

Linux is not only used for desktops and servers, but also for computer architecture support, real time applications,embedded systems,etc. Linux is one of the most widely ported operating system kernels. Linux kernel can run on a wide range of computer architectures including ARM based iPAQ, IBM mainframe systems Z9 and Z10,etc. Some specialized Linux distributions have been designed to run on less popular mainstream architectures. ELKS kernel fork has been developed to run on 16 bit architecture of Intel x86 processors. Linux kernel could also be configured to run on Apple Macintosh Computers based on Power PC and Intel processors, portable music players,video game consoles and smart phones. PC support for Linux machines is widely available nowadays in case a Linux machine starts malfunctioning. Apart for PC and small device applications, Linux distributions are also used as server operating systems. Use of Linux has been increasing on Mainframes due to economic factors and availability of remote support.

Daniel Hughes, 31, is one of the most heralded technical writers of He hails from Toronto, Canada. His educational qualifications include a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. His sublime articles have quenched the thirst of millions of knowledge seekers.

Why you choose Linux Hosting for small Business?

For so-many years, only the big scale businesses had web hosts and thus small-sized businesses were operating utilize the normal way in the advertisement so as to promote their sales. Linux Hosting for businesses in India is an manageable and a reliable web hosting. It serves customers with more care and it has actually boosted and upgraded businesses. Having a website, small businesses can really catch up since their fame is reaching everywhere across the globe.


This is in fact the most reliable hosting provider to serve customers all over the world. It has also been noted that the VPS are also ready to use with the Linux web hosting.

Small businesses have accrued many advantages from the effective utilize of the Linux web hosting whereby, it has really enhanced their visibility across the globe. Through internet, something can really become popular because it is viewed by everyone all over the world. The introduction of Linux web hosting has tried to promote the names of most small businesses across the globe and made them have a big market share through getting many customers from different countries on earth.

Also, many small businesses have been upgraded within a very short time. We show that business starts and within less than one year, it grow larger and catch a higher market share which couldn’t be possible without Linux Hosting.

Linux Hosting advantages has tried to provide technical support across the world. Many small businesses have enlarged within a short time for the quality and effective technology offered by the Linux web hosting. This is great because if it were not these business techniques applied through Linux web hosting, only the larger scale businesses could be booming. There is also the provision of economical and cost effective web development. Through Linux Hosting, costs have been minimized so that every small business can attain a normal profit while others manage supernormal profits.


For so-many years, only the big scale businesses had web hosts and thus small-sized businesses were operating utilize the normal way in the advertisement so as to promote their sales. Linux Hosting for businesses in India is an manageable and a reliable web hosting. It serves customers with more care and it has actually boosted and upgraded businesses. Having a website, small businesses can really catch up since their fame is reaching everywhere across the globe.


Donna Sam is a webmaster and a writer who writes articles on various topics that include vps hosting, cPanel Reseller Hosting , windows vps and much more.

Red Hat Linux training helps to understand computer better

Red Hat Linux training is very essential to have a good career. It gives you a career edge. It helps you to get a good job. Many recruiters today prefer candidates who have adequate knowledge in the computers. They also should know various computer languages like Java, C++, etc. apart from this it is essential that one knows about various other things like surfing the net, e mailing, collecting data online, registering in some website, login in to an account, sending emails etc.

Training in Microsoft helps to understand computer better. If you are an amateur in computers, you can learn more about computers through computer training. Such training helps you to understand various uses of Microsoft in different ways. It is very helpful.

Red Hat Linux training saves a lot of time and money at workplace. There are various softwares and computer languages which help to save effort and give more productivity. Also you can prepare various reports and presentations faster and quicker.

Training in Microsoft can be done through any computer institute. There are many computer institutes which teach you training in Microsoft. But you should know that which computer institute is good and which is not. Some are even fake. Also good institutes always give certificates. They also provide good career placement opportunities. If you are a good student with consistent marks, you’ll get a good job offer in a great company. But apart from that also, their placement records are very good.

Training in Microsoft is also provided to trainees in several companies during training period. This is because the employers know that it is important to teach the candidates about computers. And it may happen that the company uses particular software for their use. So they must provide its training to the trainees.

Microsoft training helps you understand various uses of Microsoft. For example Microsoft Excel helps you in various things. It helps in maintaining accounts of various companies, saving data, etc. Microsoft Word has various uses for many people like making reports, writing articles etc. And many writers use word for it. Microsoft notepad is also useful and various other applications of Microsoft also make work easier.

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Highlight On Red5server And Linux Vps

Information technology has evolved as a vast system as well as business. It has thousands of servers and terminologies available in each of the languages like Java, C#, VB.Net, etc. Worldwide, millions of the businesses do huge number of transactions through Internet. It has opened a new world to progress in true sense. Despite being one of the difficult languages used in information technology, Java has wide and vast use in the web technology and Internet.
Red5 is open source flash server written in java which supports streaming audio/video, recording client streams, shared objects, live stream broadcasting etc. The server is written in Java and is capable of supporting formats likemp3, FLV, f4v etc. These servers usually provide security as well as stability and enables audios and videos to stream faster which is beneficial for the websites. It is a much cheaper alternative in terms of hosting. Red 5 helps in broadcasting live audio / video streams and can also record live media streams using Red5. Based on Java and some of the most powerful open source frameworks, Red5 stands as a solid solution for business of all sizes.

Linux VPS (Linux Virtual Personal Server) is a host server in the networking system. Hosting sites work on two different kinds of platforms either a window-based platform or a LINUX-based platform. The LINUX-based platform is relatively cheaper in comparison as Linux is open sourced operating system. There are various features like RAM, bandwidth and server space allocated by a LINUX VPS. Moreover it offers more security and assures no system abuse by other users.
Jabber server, one of the LINUX servers is on high demand these days. Exchange of data through jabber protocols is comparatively safe. It uses XML to make the messengers like Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo and msn work. Due to its cost effectiveness the demand for these servers is increasing day-by-day.
On the whole these servers facilitate operations on the Internet. Networking, java and other languages/servers have their own techniques and tools to facilitate the end user. There are several applications, which help the information technology industry. The servers launched by Red5 and Linux with their own tools to work with, have provided different dimension to the industry which work in the favor of the end user.

In order to find out more on Dedicated Server Hosting and similar website and webmaster related guides, check out Web Hosting Rating.

In order to find out more on Dedicated Server Hosting and similar website and webmaster related guides, check out Web Hosting Rating