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Coffeeshop Usability Testing

I now have roughly 5 months of data dealing with the beta test of my comparison shopping engine. In the short time it’s been up, with ZERO advertising dollars, it has achieved a Page Rank of 6 and an Alexa ranking of 150,000. That said I think there is room for serious improvement.

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H1Bs, Green Cards and Citizenship

When I hired Andrew Maltsev to work at Brave New Worlds, one of the things that we promised to do was complete his pending green card application. Andrew Maltsev was at the time at H1B at a New Jersey staffing firm.

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Sales – It’s actually the lifeblood of any company.

When Bill and I were first starting Brave New Worlds, I was handling sales. While I am not entirely bad at this business function, I am not the greatest. Getting a handle on sales is the lifeblood of a organization and when you are web enabling brick and morter operations (OMG that sentence is SO 1997).

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Start Up Stories & Whoppers.

This is a new category here at Thalasar. It’s called Startup Stories and it’s purely anecdotes from my own startups and with occasional guest bloggers with their stories. This story about how I have not eaten at Burger King since 1997.

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