Thalasar Ventures

Custom Application Development

We specialize in cleaning up projects that have failed or are in the process of failing. We specialize in bringing a rigorous product management to clean up failed it projects. It’s been our experience that most project fail because of scope creep. New “must have” features get added to projects; which add time and complexity to the projects. This creates unforeseen interactions which leads to more “must have” features.

Our methodology is inspired by extreme programming and agile methods to quickly produce the “minimum features for launch.” It’s our view that that the minimum features for launch should be tightly constrained and leads over time on a better product. It allows a business to focus on the 20% of features that users actually use in the product as opposed to the 80% they never use.

We produce budgets that are fixed for specific projects and offer time and materials contracts for longer engagements. Typically for repairing a project gone south, we take a look at the issues that have resulted in it’s failure and then attempt to address that issue in the way that best makes sense for the business. We then define the minimum feature set for launch and move toward the launch.

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