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Press Release Tips

Press releases are a great way to build incoming one way links. They are also a way to get the press and blogs writing about your product or site. Of course most web marketers know next to nothing about how to write a press release or even how to interact with journalists. They don’t take the time to learn how to really pitch a story to a journalist or what’s even the best way to approach a journalist. That’s too bad because just learning a few simple rules can mean the difference between getting a story written about your project and a journalist putting you on a spam blacklist. Let’s go some of those rules so your next press release campaign can be a success.

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Spart! Or copywriting gone horribly wrong!

One of the consistently offered services on various webmaster boards (Digitalpoint and V7N) are for content creation. Everyone wants a site with rich content but doesn’t have time/writing skills to actually do it so you might think outsourcing to a country where English is a common taught second language is a good idea. Of course you would be entirely wrong.

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