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BuycPanel Offering Now cPanel Server Administration for $49 a month

San Clemente, CA (PRWEB) June 08, 2015

Representatives with BuycPanel ( announced today that the company is now offering cPanel Server Administration, which comes with 24/7/365 non-stop server monitoring with reboot for only $ 49 a month.

“We monitor your server’s http, FTP, or SMTP service 24/7/365,” said Jamison Oconnell, customer service supervisor and spokesperson for BuycPanel.

Oconnell explained that if a user’s server is down BuycPanel will follow the users’ reboot instructions and will also analyze the cause of the server/service downtime.

cPanel is a web based client interface. It allows users to monitor things like disk space and bandwidth usage. cPanel also gives the client the ability to manage his own passwords, mail accounts, FTP accounts, sub domains, error pages, protected directories and files, MySQL Databases, Cron jobs, redirects and more.

“Customers are also equipped with unlimited server administration,” Oconnell pointed out, before questioning, “When hosting is unlimited, why limit server administration? We offer Unlimited Server Administration included with your server management plan without additional costs.”

In addition to that, according to Oconnell, customers have server backup restore and server migration options.

“We will completely restore from the backup provided to normal as it was before,” Oconnell noted. “If you are migrating from one server to other, we migrate it without charging any additional fees. All you need to provide the root logins of both cPanel servers.”

For more information, please visit: and

About BuycPanel

BuycPanel is the largest and most trusted external cPanel distributor in the world.

cPanel and WHM includes the latest technologies to help keep your server secure. Our software offers virus protection, rootkit detection, and a host of other tools to allow you to lock down your server. It even helps protect against current threats such as XSRF (“sea surfing”) and XSS attacks.

Source: BuycPanel


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Easy And Reliable Mysql Recovery From Diskinternals

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery allows those who work with databases to retrieve lost data from corrupted or deleted MySQL databases. Databases stored in either the InnoDB or MyISAM formats are supported by this powerful and reliable solution. Data can also be recovered from corrupted or otherwise inaccessible drives which are formatted using a wide variety of file systems. Supported file systems include exFAT, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS and Ext2/Ext3. Data from InnoDB databases can also be recovered even if the data is severely damaged. The recovery solution is one of the most reliable available, giving you the highest chance possible of retrieving lost data from the damaged database data.

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery allows data to be recovered by using either automatic or manual modes. In more simple cases, MySQL Recovery processes can be carried out in fully automatic mode. A manual mode is also available to provide the best results, providing more experienced database administrators to reconstruct severely damaged data from any InnoDB database.

MySQL databases which have been deleted may also be recovered by this solution. If these databases were deleted and then, in turn, removed from the recycle bin as well, it is usually still possible to recover them. This recovery process can also be carried out in full automatic mode. This solution uses particularly advanced recovery algorithms to help achieve the very best results consistently every time. This includes the ability to recover database data from drives which have been formatted or are, for some reason, corrupted or inaccessible. Even more impressively, data can also be recovered from disks which don’t even have any working file system remaining. In this case, you will still have the best possible chance of recovering, at least partially, data from InnoDB databases. Even if the database can only be partially recovered, these parts can later be reassembled into a working database by using the manual recovery features of this software.

MySQL Recovery is also great for repairing databases which are damaged. In many cases, recovered database files are corrupted and this needs to be fixed using a solution such as this. DiskInternals MySQL Recovery allows administrators to fix the structure of the data, retrieving and restoring records and tables. The manual mode allows for experienced database administrators and developers to easily recreate broken or missing database structures. Data can be filled in using data extracted from the corrupted files during the recovery process.

For maximum versatility and convenience, MySQL Recovery also supports a variety of different export modes. Data which can be recovered may be exported into a collection of SQL scripts or a single SQL dump file. The contents may also be exported into a functioning MySQL server on a working connection. The recoverable data may also be converted into the MS SQL format as well. For maximum recovery efficiency, as much as 2 GB per record can be recovered in this manner.

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery also provides a visual preview. This feature also provides support for pictures and office documents as well as text.

For more, visit

Alex Babenko has used a MySQL recovery solution on several occasions to recover data from damaged servers.

Mysql Recovery Utility For Any Instance Of Corruption

In order to start your MySQL server, you used to type the whole path like: C:\mysql\bin\mysql123 in your DOS prompt. However, sometimes, the MySQL server fails to start with this usual command and the reason may be any possible case of database corruption or damage. In such a case, you cannot be able to access your database and need any MySQL repair utility to repair the troubled MySQL database and recover the data thereof.
In case of any corruption, you may encounter an error message at the start of the MySQL server, which may be as below:

Default storage engine is not available

Moreover, in order to resolve the error, if you reinstall the MySQL server without removing the data directory, the server starts normally. However, to your utter dismay, while accessing the any database table, you may encounter another error message on the screen as below:

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘Tablename’ doesn’t exist

Note: Here, the Tablename is the name of the table, you have tried to access.

The above error message appears each time you try to access the table. Even, you cannot be able to resolve the error with the mysqlcheck utility.

In general, the reason behind the occurrence of the error messages is the corruption of the MySQL database, which can have been caused due to an improper system shut down, virus/malware intrusion or any other application malfunction etc.


In order to resolve the problem, you need to repair MySQL with the following command:

Repair Table Tablename
However, with severe corruption, the above command does not able to repair the database and you need to look for any valid backup to restore your seemingly lost MySQL database. If you fail to restore the database from the backup, then, you need to run any MySQL recovery software to recover back the database efficiently.

These read-only utilities are designed with advanced algorithms to repair MySQL database and recover the data safely. Moreover, with highly interactive graphical user interface, you may never find any problem in operating the software.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is an extremely powerful utility to repair the corrupt database and recover MySQL database with all its internal structure being intact. The software works well with almost all Windows versions, including Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and is absolutely easy to use on the parts of experts to normal users.

My name is mark willium, currently doing research on how to repair and recover mysql database. mysql repair software repair corrupt mysql database.

Recovering Corruption Issues While Using Mysqldump Utility In Mysql Database

The mysqldump utility is a MySQL database backup program that enables you to copy (or dump) a database to another SQL Server. This server may not necessarily be another MySQL Server. On most occasions, the MySQL dump contains SQL statements that are used to create tables and insert records in them. You can generate the data in the mysqldump utility in CSV or XML format as well. However, sometimes you are unable to use this utility to dump the database. Such problems can occur due to corruption in the database. The database corruption can occur due to various reasons such as virus infections, power outages, bugs in MySQL version, hardware issues, etc. In such cases, you should find out the cause of the problem and try to resolve the issue. If you are unable to fix the error, then you should use a third-party MySQL repair software to perform MySQL recovery.

Consider a scenario wherein you are working on a MySQL database in which you want to dump a MySQL database to another location. However, you are unable to dump the database and an error message is displayed, that is:

[root@www diaendomet]# mysqldump -ucojjohealth -p –all-databases >
Enter password:
mysqldump: Got error: 29: File ‘../diaendomet/users.MYD’ not found
(Errcode: 2) when using LOCK TABLES

The primary cause of this erroneous situation is that the MySQL database is corrupted. It has corrupted due to any of the various reasons discussed in the introductory paragraph.

To resolve the situation, you should perform the following steps:
Stop the MySQL server.
Change the working directory to $ MYSQL_DATA_DIR
Run the myisamchck utility as displayed: run myisamchck with */*.MYD. This command will complete a check on all the table files and repair wherever it finds any error.
Restart the MySQL server and try to repeat the database dump. It should run fine now.

However, there may be instances when this resolution does not provide the solution to the problem. This would invariably mean that the database is severely corrupted. In such cases, you should use a third-party MySQL recovery software to repair MySQL database. Such MySQL repair tools are read-only in nature that do not overwrite the existing database while performing MySQL recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is a MySQL repair software that is able to repair MySQL from all instances of logical corruption. It is able to recover MySQL database components such as tables, queries, etc. This MySQL recovery utility supports InnoDB and MyISAM database engines. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000. In addition, this MySQL repair software is specifically designed to recover MySQL databases created in MySQL 4.x and5.x.

Mark Willium is a database expert doing research on MySQL repair software. For more details visit:

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Oracle Application Specialists Are Growing In Demand

IT industry in India has been expanding widely giving rise to more and more demands of IT professionals with specializations in varied software’s. Software development is not all that an easy a task as thought, since perfect software development would lead to actualizing the demand of the desired product of the consumer.

One of the well known firms of the software industry is the Oracle Corporation, employing majorly the specialized and experienced IT professionals who are doing their every bit of implementing the right code and the utilizing all the possible programs to create newer applications to mark the beginning of whole new generation of easy accessibility of well developed software’s to be utilized in the making of the products within the less possible time granted. Oracle Corporation design Oracle Applications to make the endeavors accessible for many other firms and make the optimum use of it rightfully.

Oracle Applications comprise the applications software or business software of Oracle Corporation. The term refers to the non-database parts of Oracle Corporation’s software portfolio. Oracle Corporation initially launched its application suite with financials software in the late 1980s. The offering as of 2009 extends to supply-chain management, human-resource management, warehouse-management, customer-relationship management, call-center services, product-lifecycle management, and many other areas. Both in-house expansion and the acquisition of other companies have vastly expanded Oracle Corporation’s application-software effectively.

The demand of software specialists are rapidly growing to meet the required needs of the organizations and live up to the expectations of the consumers. Being an IT professional one has to be well equipped technically and should be able to manage most of the computer and software related endeavors. But if the professional is well versed in a particular software or application he would be considered the need of the hour or the most required by any firm to produce the best of his knowledge related to the requirement of the organization and the consumer. Nonetheless, IT Specialists in oracle applications are needed by reputed IT firms who have expertise in one or more relational and non-relational data management-based software product areas. Hence you will be responsible for building proof-of-concept solutions with data management technologies and architecting data management solutions to address client requirements.

A software engineer’s typical work day would involve research, analysis and writing new software. But by being an particular application specialist your demand by any organization and the need of your knowledge would be required in designed the incomparable well knit product with no issues to be complained about by not letting the consumer find any fault instead be able to make the product saleable in the market and due to its expert designing the demand of it would ascend in the market giving rise to good revenue to the consumer which henceforth would result in flowing of revenue into the software firm too.


Shilpika Ponnappa, Get more information on Oracle apps jobs, IT service desk jobs

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Offshore Java Developers Optimizing The Benefits Of Oracle ADF

Oracle has launched a new framework that would help create Java based applications for all kinds of different mobile devices and is known as Oracle Application Development Framework. Offshore Java developers will largely benefit from using this ADF to design and develop an assortment of applications for the mobile environment. The mobile client of Oracle Application Development Framework offers the fundamental tools and technologies needed to develop and deploy applications across mobile platforms. The framework utilizes a standard user interface, which is based on Java Server Faces or JSF. It can offer a set of different ways to synchronize data from back-end servers, thereby giving the Java developers to synchronize data with databases or even other sources.

Components to Develop Enterprising Applications:
This mobile client helps offshore Java software development team by offering over 150 Java Server Faces (JSF) that come with in-built Ajax functionality. These components provide a range of functionalities including data interaction, data visualization and browser side operations.

Page Flow 2.0:
Java consulting companies can capitalize on the advantages of Oracle ADF that offers a productive environment where the java developers are given the opportunity to work with ADF controller. ADF controller offers solutions to rectify few key problems found in Rich Enterprise Applications. These solutions include comprehensive state management, page and operations flow control and reusing flows as components in other flows and in JSF pages.

Data Binding:
Another benefit that Java consulting team can make use of is the kind of data management facilities Oracle ADF mobile client offers. ADF provides a data-binding framework that helps ease the task of binding UI to business services through drag and drop operation.

ADF Business Components:
This mobile client also features built-in components that help in object relational mapping and business service development. Visually designed, these components help Java developers to gain declarative access to relational databases. The business components are responsible for implementing declarative validation, object-relational integration, security and customized business functionality.

Multi-Channel Clients:
ADF applications can be developed to cater to multiple delivery modes. The framework supports numerous interfaces that includeweb-based interfaces, desktop applications, mobile interface and also integration with Microsoft Excel. This helps outsourced Java team to enjoy more flexibility when utilizing components to design specific applications.

For any offshore Java team of developers, security is of paramount importance and ADF offers a strong security implementation that seamlessly blends into an ADF based application. Security can be applied at different layers within the application and it can also be completely integrated with access management components and enterprise entities.

Declarative Application:
ADF also offers offshore Java developers the advantage of declarative application customization, which utilizes the capabilities of Oracle’s storehouse. ADF ensures that the base source code doesn’t need to be tampered when there is a need for customization. Java developers can easily do the customization for each of the layers to suit the client’s requirements.

The ADF application development that uses Java Developer provides a complete and declarative experience. This means that the Java developers get an opportunity to design an application using different visual editors and diagrams and then further customize it through property inspectors.

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Repairing Mysql Table To Ensure Proper Functioning Of Mythtv

MythTV is a home entertainment application, which is freely available as a open source solution for live streaming programs, and converts into a computer with the necessary supporting hardware components. This application is able to run on different operating systems such as Linux, Macintosh, FreeBSD, etc and primarily uses MySQL database as the backend to store the recordings. Having started in 2002, this application has undergone several developments and now is a competent combination of a TV and a computer. Having said that, at times you may face some issues while operating on the MythTV. Sometimes these issues may be because of corrupt database that can appear because of several reasons including virus infections, abrupt or unplanned system shutdowns, etc. You should try to fix such issues by using in-built MySQL methods failing which the use of a third-party MySQL repair software to repair MySQL database is a must.

Let us consider a situation in which you are watching MythTV but are unable to fast forward the programs. You tried to check the ‘mythconverg.recordedseek’ table to see if the data is alright by retrieving the records but you get the following error message repeatedly:

MySQL error code 145 = Table was marked as crashed and should be repaired


The most prominent cause of this issue is that the database for the MythTV programs has damaged. Due to this, you are unable to properly operate MythTV.


To resolve this problem by recovering MySQL database, you should perform the following steps:

First of all, you should check the table for errors using the following command:
CHECK TABLE recordedseek;
You should run the ‘REPAIR TABLE’ command on the damaged table using the following syntax:
REPAIR TABLE recordedseek;
Then, rebuild the ‘mythcommflag’ using the following command:
mythcommflag –rebuild -f

After running the aforementioned commands, try to reproduce the steps that resulted in the error. It should run perfectly now. However, if the problem is still persisting, then you should repair MySQL database using a third-party MySQL database recovery software. These tools are absolutely safe to use that do not damage the existing database while performing the database recovery.

The most recommended software the repairs different MySQL database (InnoDB and MyISAM) engines is Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL. With the ability to repair different types of MySQL files such as .myd, .frm, .myi, .ibdata, and .ibd, this software repairs several objects including tables, view, database keys, etc. Supporting MySQL 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x versions, this MySQL repair tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

My name is Mark Willium, I have done Ph.D in computer science and currently doing research on how to recover and repair corrupted MySQL database. You can have more information about about MySQL recovery software by visiting clicking here

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Sun’s Open Source Projects Find New Life After Oracle

When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, Sun was actively sponsoring a number of open source projects. In the past, Oracle has had limited success with open source software and many felt that Oracle didn’t understand open source. As Oracle began to assimilate the various parts of Sun Microsystems, the community waited and watched to see if Oracle would be a good open source citizen.

The community didn’t need to wait long. One of Oracle’s first missteps in the open source community came when they filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google’s Android platform. This suit rocked the open source community as many viewed it as a poor use of Sun’s Java related patents. It has also caused many in the community to question the future of Java. And for those that relied on other Sun open source projects, it called into question the future of those projects.

MySQL to Drizzle. One of the first Sun open source projects to flee Oracle was MySQL. The original founders of MySQL felt for some time that some of the newer enterprise features were unnecessary. There was also a strong desire to revisit a lot of MySQL’s code and do a fair amount of repurposing. After Oracle took the reigns, Sun purchased MySQL prior to the Oracle acquisition, the frustrations that the original developers were feeling came to a head. This lead to a fork of MySQL called Drizzle. The original MySQL founders left Oracle to work on Drizzle, which is being developed as a database designed specifically for meeting the data storage demands of new cloud computing environments.

Open Solaris to Illumos. In August, another Sun open source project learned of their fate under Oracle. Oracle’s plans for the future of the Open Solaris project were leaked. In a nutshell, code releases from the commercial release of Solaris were going to be staggered further leading to the Open Solaris project receiving new code well behind the commercial release. This lead the Open Solaris community to fork the current Open Solaris code, and Illumos was born. The Illumos community has said that in many respects they are not a true fork as they still intend to closely follow the Oracle Open Solaris releases. Their goal is to replace the closed portions of Open Solaris with community developed components.

Related to Illumos, is the Open Indiana project. The Open Indiana project has a stated goal of being the default distribution of a free Solaris. The project is targeting servers and hopes to become the standard for a free version of Solaris. Their initial release received some poor reviews as it appeared to be poorly tested and rather haphazardly built. Hopefully, the Open Indiana project will gain more traction now that it is freed from Oracle.

Open Office to LibreOffice. Joining the ranks of former Sun projects to flee Oracle, the Open Office community recently announced The Document Foundation. Their goal is to extend Open Office into a free, independent and community supported office suite. This suite is currently being called LibreOffice and is a fork of Open Office, another former Sun open source project. One of the stated goals of the new foundation is to be as developer friendly as possible.

It seems that many of the fears of open source advocates regarding Oracle’s acquisition of Sun have come true. However, it is clear that the community isn’t just going to watch idly its projects being torn to shreds. When a company, such as Oracle, makes it clear that they do not hold the values of the open source community, the latter will pack up its toys and go to someone else’s sandbox. Nothing demonstrates this point quite as clearly as the number of former Sun open source projects which have been forked as the community flees from Oracle. Maybe Oracle will finally learn a lesson or two about open source and how it works.

Michael Dorf is a professional software architect and instructor with a M.S. in Software Engineering and 12 years of industry experience. He teaches for LearnComputer! (, which offers instructor-led public and onsite Java Training courses. Whether you sign up for a standalone Java Course or take it as a pre-requisite for an Android Course, you will be happy with the end result!

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Unify Square Invited to Participate at Exclusive CIOsynergy New York

A leading provider of software, services and support for Skype for Buinsess

Unify Square, a leading provider of software, services and support for Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync), today announced their sponsorship of CIOsynergy’s upcoming New York event taking place on Thursday, June 25 at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. The exclusive conference is part of a series of events, put on by CIOsynergy, a provider of thought leadership events for the technology community. Unify Square will gather with 150 influential CIOs attending the conference to discuss the biggest pain points facing enterprise IT decision makers.

“We are thrilled to have Unify Square at CIOsynergy New York. As leading provider of software and services for Skype for Business deployments, their presence will provide event attendees with an additional layer of industry insights and thought leadership,” says Patrick Mason, Director of Communications and Marketing at CIOsynergy.

CIOsynergy New York is an exclusive opportunity for leading local CIO and IT executives to network and brainstorm daily hurdles in an unparalleled learning environment while in the presence of Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. At CIOsynergy New York, a panel of leading CIOs, moderated by Scott Shuster, will share and explore how CIOs can be successful in their role. Mr. Shuster has led virtually every Business Week CEO, CFO, and CIO conference held since the founding of the magazine’s events group more than 100 of the world’s most prominent gathering of large company leaders and senior executives. Open to Fortune 500s and mid-market enterprise, CIOsynergy events gather senior executives from the office of the CIO, including Directors, VPs, Chief Architects, CTOs and CIOs.

“When technology influencers gather, the conversation, collaboration and debate that takes place is awe-inspiring,” said Sonu Aggarwal, CEO of Unify Square. “The fresh takeaways help to fuel innovation and solve critical business and technology problems corporate leaders face, no matter the market or industry. We’re honored to take part in the event and to contribute to the dynamic discussions alongside such an elite group of individuals and companies.”

Recognized as an elite IT Pro Tools partner by Microsoft, Unify Square offers the industry’s most robust and comprehensive suite of software and services designed to facilitate successful deployments of Skye for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync). Unlike any other technology provider in the market, Unify Square’s offering addresses every phase in a Skype for Business deployment lifecycle, including pre-assessment, deployment, provisioning, monitoring, reporting, diagnostic, troubleshooting and user satisfaction. The company currently works with leading Fortune 500 enterprises to help fast track user adoption of Skype for Business, drive efficiency and increase productivity and collaboration across their workforce.

For more information about Unify Square and their participation at CIOsynergy in New York, please contact: Dawn De-Levi at dawnd(at)unifysquare(dot)com.

About CIOsynergy

CIOsynergy provides a platform that brings together the thought leaders of IT through events that incorporate face-to-face meeting opportunities, panel discussions, think tanks, keynotes, and C-suite networking programs.

Previous events have attracted C-suite leaders from companies such as Wal-Mart, Salesforce, Home Depot, Bank of America, Forbes Media, Wells Fargo, Shell, Allstate, State Farm, Career Education Corp, Pepsi, Sara Lee, Kraft, BP, Loyola University, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, and Walgreens.

The company operations nationwide and has previously partnered with sponsors such as IBM, 3com, VMware, Unisys, Hitachi, Oracle, SunGard, Dell, Google, Amazon, and HTC among 100’s more.

About Unify Square

Founded by former Microsoft® Lync® (now Skype for Business) product visionaries and patent holders, Unify Square ensures successful Skype for Business initiatives by focusing first on the key outcome that matters: end-user satisfaction. With more than three million Lync enabled seats across 150 global enterprises—including more than 45 of the Global and Fortune 500—we bring unique insight into the critical factors that make Lync and Skype for Business work, and that insight informs a complete set of services, software and support that helps IT get Skype for Business right the first time and ensure the transformational potential of unified communications over the long term. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Unify Square is a Microsoft elite partner with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, India and Singapore. Email us: sales(at)unifysquare(dot)com or visit the website:

Media contact:

Bailey Fox

Barokas Public Relations



What Are Mysql Databases And How Are They Useful?

MySQL is a Relational Database Management System. This is perhaps a bit of an overly technical and cryptic answer to the question, so let’s take a look at this piece by piece.

What is a Database?

Simply put, a database is a system that allows you to store, organize and retrieve a large amount of data quickly and easily. Odds are, if a website does anything more complicated than simply providing basic information about a single company or person, a database was involved in the building. Whether it’s storing user account information, blog posts, news articles or images, if you want to manage a large amount of data, you need a database. Databases make it possible to quickly access the data you need, even if it’s one of thousands or millions of similar pieces of information.

What Does MySQL Bring to the Table?

As a relational database management system, MySQL offers the ability to abstract what the end user sees and interacts with from the physical realities of storing the data. Practically speaking, this allows great freedom to design applications and web pages without having to worry about how all your data is stored. With MySQL you can manage multiple databases and control who gets access to this data. Also worth mentioning is how the seamless integration between MySQL and the popular scripting language PHP has made the two names almost synonymous in the open source development world. As the most heavily developed open source database management system on the market, MySQL has all the critical features necessary to the operation of a database as well as additional functionality such as multiple native storage engines and commit grouping.

What Do You Mean By Open Source?

Open source software is software of which source code is openly published and can be used, modified or distributed free of royalties. The most obvious benefit here is that MySQL gives you access to a top quality database without having to pay the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in licensing fees that are charged for SQL Server or Oracle. This is a strong motivating factor behind many small businesses choosing MySQL as their database management system of choice. Additionally, open source means that the MySQL project is under constant development by a large community of interested programmers. In open source projects, development decisions and the source code itself are subject to rigorous peer review and scrutiny. This means that MySQL is regularly updated, its development roadmap is freely available and its source code is transparent.

In many ways MySQL is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to launch web pages and applications. MySQL is feature rich, well supported and, lest we forget, free. But please don’t get the idea that MySQL is strictly small potatoes. Many well-known projects such as Facebook, Flickr and even Google make use of MySQL. MySQL isn’t just great for when you first start out; it has the tools and capability to scale from a small website to a massive behemoth like Facebook. So, when you’re searching for a web hosting provider, it is important to make sure that they provide support for MySQL databases.

Chris Ricard is the owner of, a Canadian Web Hosting Company that uses Cpanel, an easy-to-use control panel with tools for business owners to make Canadian e-commerce web hosting, business quality web hosting and even personal web hosting manageable for anyone.

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