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My Lamp Experience

Lets share my experience as a LAMP professional and how i enjoyed setting up application server for my company as an individual team member. It was difficult to start with a big corporate project. But due to my prior experience on PHP and MySQL based open source software, it was easy for me. On the CENTOS 5 platform, we already had PHP 5 but i installed PHP 4 as CGI so that i can run my both type of applications.It was just like installing php 4 from and then compiling it with lot of additional extensions. After the compilation process, we have linked the PHP 4 scripts to run as cgi script using php 4 interpreter. Then there was MySQL 5 already running on port number 3307, what i did, installed mysql 4 on the another port number 3306, making some modifications in my.cnf, confIguration file for MySQL. There was some issue while installation, as mysql service was starting and then stopping in the presence of another mysql running on the same server. But at the end, it was some user and group permissions issue, that was blocking the service to run. But at last i have completed Dual Installation of PHP and MySQL on the LAMP Server. Then installed phpmyadmin to manage mysql server by putting appropriate securities inside the phpmyadmin default configuration file. Uploaded source code for website and customized it according to my organizations need. But after the hard work of three to four months i was successful in setting it up with some advance automation and syncronization scripts running on it. Developed an advanced Support Ticketing system on the LAMP platform, customized the platform according to the needs of support application, testing scripts on the LAMP, testing scripts integration with the mail server, testing scripts integration with MySQL database, it took around 8-9 months. Finally i got a support ticketing system, where customers can register themselves and can track their issues. Engineers can reply to their questions.The communication done on Microsoft Outlook can be seen and tracked on MySQL database, Administrator can get reports of the service provided by engineers and Non-Resolved Issues can be escalated to main support server at different location.It was a great success for me to develop such transparent support system and one of the big projects i have completed on LAMP.

Puneet verma is web consultant with more than 4 years experience in Telecom & Networking, ECommerce Industry.You can connect to him on skype id: puneet6565 OR mail him at He is currently running and a green blog .

Oracle-A Well Know Software Language of the World

Oracle is the well known language of this world which was developed by the Sun Corporation. This language was introduced in late 60`s. Many software existed in this world right now are made on this language. Basically the word oracle is taken from the Latin whose English meaning is “to speak”. Sun Corporation which develop this programming language has an idea behind it which is; people should made their tailored software by using this language and this language should be renowned in this world so that people do not face difficulty in making and communicating the software. This idea centered the whole globe and now days same thing for which the company had developed this is going on. Much software which is developing for different field of the business is comprised on this “oracle” programming language. This language is getting enough popularity and need of the mankind; universities which are famous for the software; taught this programming language as an essential part of their studies.

Sun which develops this language has also developed many other languages such as Java and others. The company has also launched its operating system by the name of the Linux which is lighter as compare to others; lighter in a sense that it takes less power while working if seen in the context of others. Oracle is now available on net so that people can use it and make their own small software of their daily use. This language gave benefit to all without any discrimination. It is user friendly they prove of it is that it is wide available on internet so that people can use it rather it is language but it is lighter and take less space so that expert made its availability on internet, possible.

Mostly it is used for making the data bases for different user and system. This language has ability to make any type of database and it is proven by some big and international companies which are using their data bases comprised on this language. This option of making the data base are also available on internet so that people can made their databases whenever they needed but this require one thing that is knowledge about the language.

Some software which is made by using this language and is popular is: My SQL, oracle Linux, Oracle crystal ball, Oracle web logic server and data integration. These software are related to many different types of department such as my SQL is simple and use to create data bases in the business and this software is mostly use by the management department of the business. Same like my SQL, oracle Linux is the operating system which is now getting popularity day by day, this software is used to run gadget such as laptops and personal computers. This software does not require any special skill, home user can run this software use it easily along with Linux people are also using web browser which is fire fox. This web browser is also made by the same company.

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Open Source Technologies – Delivering The Most Relevant Web Solutions

Open source technologies are everybodys choice nowadays for developing any kind of small, medium or large scale web application development. Due to their simplicity, robustness, scalability, and cost effectiveness, organization from all over the world have adopted open source to serve their crucial business needs. This article will discuss some of the most common aspects of open source web technologies, like what they are and why they are so much popular.

Open Source The Common Buzzword
Open source technologies, as the name suggests are open for anybody. There are no license gimmicks with open source technology. Anyone with required competence and knowledge is free to use and manipulate them according to their needs. The most popular example of open source is Linux, the most dynamic network operating system.

Hottest Open Source Web Technologies
This article is about open source web technologies. So when we talk about open source web technologies, PHP and MySql rule. PHP is among the most dynamic scripting language being used in web development. It provides the simplest way of creating dynamic web pages, whereas MySql is the most popular relational database management system offered with GNU Public License.

PHP and MySql is together used for development of dynamic websites. These are the most widely used web technologies nowadays. The structure of PHP and MySql makes them faster than other web technologies being used in web development nowadays.

Earlier, people had a wrong perception that PHP can be used for development of smaller dynamic websites with less functionality. However, this perception has been proved wrong and PHP is widely adopted as the most preferred web technologies globally. The most popular web portal Yahoo is developed using PHP and MySql, which itself describes the capability of the deadly combo of PHP and MySql.

PHP and MySql based Content Management System
Nowadays, with increasing demand of e-Commerce several merchants and entrepreneurs have ventured into online commerce. They are using open source content management systems like Joomla, OSCommerce, Magento, ZenCart and other feature rich CMSs. All these CMSs are developed using PHP and MySql.

PHP and MySql both offer extreme security and scalability required for online commerce. In addition to that both are open source that means one doesnt need to pay a single penny for using PHP and MySql or any of the aforementioned CMSs based on PHP and MySql.

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Hp’s Cloud Attack On Ibm, Oracle, Cisco

Hewlett Packard, keen to distinguish itself in big data centers for large companies, is launching a monster cloud computing sales effort. Some involves repackaging existing technology some of it is new, amounting to an offering targeted at its main competitors, IBM and Oracle.

The project is called the HP Hybrid Delivery Cloud, and consists of four main parts. HP will offer businesses and governments leased space on HP’s own data centers, with fast provisioning and uniform service, security and privacy policies. Another part, called HP CLoudSystem, is essentially HP’s data center offering, hardware and management software, for individual use by enterprises. The management software is also sold sold separately in a “Cloud Service Automation” package, for use in heterogeneous hardware environments. Lastly is a service offering, the Cloud Discovery Workshop, which enables prospects to figure out strategies and financial metrics in intensive, executive-level workshops.

“We’re focused on (providing) a foundation of infrastructure and assets,” said Thomas Hogan, HP’s executive vice president of Enterprise Sales. “Within the next few years one-quarter of all information will be delivered by private clouds, and one-quarter by public clouds by 2014 the commercial ecosystem around the cloud will be worth $ 100 billion.”

The biggest enterprise hardware and software companies all want more than their fair share of that number, of course, and they all strive to show their offering for cloud computing is everything they were, and more. HP appears to be leveraging its comprehensive product portfolio, but also repackaging parts of it to show a flexibility to accommodate other products. That is a contrast to Oracle’s more “one-stop” approach. The workshop, with its focus on services and process insight, creates a product competitive with IBM’s services-led approach. The one-stop approach contrasts with the EMC-Cisco offering of many parts from supposedly “best of breed” suppliers.

In addition, Hogan said, putting more software and services in the mix means HP may be able to take better quality contracts in the future by taking over some of its customers information technology hassles. “There is a margin opportunity here for us, by leveraging together services, hardware, and software, along with HP Financial Services” to finance customers.

In addition, the prospect of renting out a lot of corporate computing assets emulates Amazon’s Amazon Web Services offering for both computing and storage. Most early customers for AWS were smaller companies and startups, but an increasing number of large businesses have grown comfortable with picking up computing resources on the fly. Hogan said the service, which will allow companies to claim servers colocated in HP centers, would be available in February in Europe and the U.S., and this summer in Asia.

HP is primarily targeting its 2000 largest customers, who account for well over half of corporate revenues, for the workshops, but it is not ignoring smaller clients. The turnkey Cloud System can start as small as a cage of eight servers, or scale up to what Hogan termed “a level to make your head spin.” HP has established centers in Switzerland, Texas, or Singapore where prospects can experiment and figure out their needs.

The automation offering, for both mapping and managing computing needs, is targeted at critically important independent systems vendors, who often resell other gear besides HP. Longer term, Hogan said, “the strategy is to make it a stand-alone product, so ISVs can manage in a complex environment.”

When you’re going into a $ 100 billion battle, it’s good to have as many allies as possible.

Kenny is from, offers a range of laptop batteries for major brands

Oracle: A Multinational Tech Corporation

Oracle Corporation, an American based company, is one of the leading technology companies out in the world today.  In producing revenues right behind companies such as IBM and Microsoft, they are an innovative team to be recognized.  Mainly producing and selling computer technology, including that of software products and hardware systems, they are ever-growing, even in a stagnant economy.

Also known for their exclusive product, the ‘Oracle Database‘, Oracle Corporation is a large developer of marketing software, resource planning software, supply chain management software and many additional software products.

Oracle Corporation is currently headquartered is beautiful California (Redwood Shores).  Although, Oracle also houses other offices within several other countries, including both England and Japan.  To date it is recorded that Oracle exists in more than one hundred and forty countries.

In recently purchasing and acquiring Sun Microsystems, the company has grown even more.  Larry Ellison, CEO and Co-Founder of Oracle stated, “The acquisition of Sun transforms the IT industry, combining best-in-class enterprise software and mission-critical computing systems.”  Needless to say, with Oracle and Sun teaming up, Oracle has gained but more strength in industry knowledge, as well as product line.  It was recorded that the Sun Microsystems voted unanimously for the acquisition with Oracle Corporation.

In the mid-1990’s Oracle was laying off a small amount of employees, but as of today, the corporation employs over one hundred and eight thousand people around the world.  To service over three hundred and fifty thousand customers, this type of staffing is completely necessary.  First established and co-founded in 1977 by Bob Miner, Larry Ellison (current Oracle CEO) and Ed Oates, the company has gone through years of technological advances.  In always keeping with the times, and succeeding over each year’s expectations, Oracle has consistently stayed in the game.  In only 2008 Ellison was ranked as the number one paid CEO in all the world.

First established under the name, Software Development Laboratories, the company’s main focus was on that of using C programming language.  In 1982 the company renamed itself Oracle Systems Corporation to align itself with its product focus.  Today, the title Oracle Corporation is how the company is formally viewed by its present audience.

Oracle Corporation has acquired over sixty names, concepts and companies worldwide, such as:  PeopleSoft, G-Log, Sleepycat Software, Stellent and Primavera Systems.  In acquiring product designs, information and names of companies themselves, they are consistently adding to their pallet of vision.  Oracle’s portfolio, although diverse by acquisition name, continues to focus their efforts on that of computer and technology hardware systems, software systems, products and services.

Over the years Oracle has proven itself a worthy team of innovators and thinkers of today’s vision, as well as our future’s.  The company is continually providing the world with a plethora of software solutions and Oracle servers.  After Oracle Corporation’s recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems, is will be interesting to see what they have in store for the planet next.

About the Author: Steve Oono is the VP of Sales for Mojo Systems. They are the leading industry provider of Sun servers, HP servers, IBM, Oracle, and Fujitsu hardware and servers. For more information, please visit

About the Author: Steve Oono is the VP of Sales for Mojo Systems. They are the leading industry provider of Sun servers, HP servers, IBM, Oracle, and Fujitsu hardware and servers. For more information, please visit

How To Enhance The Performance Of An E-commerce Portal Powered By Magento?

Magento is a professional open-source E-Commerce solution designed to provide merchants with an unprecedented level of control over their web-based stores. Magento’s flexible modular architecture allows to customize store’s interface to suit specific requirements and allows customers a fast, friendly, and convenient on-line shopping experience. But there are few areas in Magento which needs modifications to speed up or to enhance the performance of Magento. Such as,

Enhance Environment Components :
It demands all three section of the systems ready to work i.e, Hardware, Software, Network. For Hardware sufficient amount of RAM, modern systems with multi-core CPUs, high front side bus speeds and fast hard drives, preferably at 7200RPM and above are best to use. Insufficient network I/O throughput and latencies in the internal network can significantly impact performance of a multi-server setup. Only current, up-to-date and well-configured versions of the Linux Kernel, Apache, MySQL and PHP will provide better performance results.
Database Configuration :
Optimizing the database (MySQL) configuration can provide up to a 70% performance boost. The InnoDB engine can effectively use multiple threads to serve more concurrent connections.
Database Replication :
Its always very difficult to work in database having horizontal structure rather than hierarchical structure. Here we can enhance the database performance by doing replication of the main database server. One will be the master database and the rest will be called slaves. The master is to accepts any sort of write-based queries, which then replicated by each of the slaves in real-time. The advantage is that Magento can issue read queries to any of the slave servers, saving all the write queries for the master database.
Web Server Configuration :
An optimized MySQL and Apache configuration shows 55-70% performance increases on dynamic pages. Default Apache and MySQL configuration is not able to handle higher concurrencies resulting in the results for that concurrency varying a lot between tests.

Reverse Proxy Configuration :
Reverse proxies can be used to speed up the serving of cachable assets such as images, CSS, html and JavaScript by removing the need to ask the web server to serve them.

Apache mod_proxy/mod_cache :
Use Apache with mod_proxy using worker MPM.
Apache configuration has to be KeepAlives enabled.
Disable apache htaccess files to decrease the Apache execution-time.
Minimize apache logging to lessen file operations needed for every incoming request
Optimize browser cache by telling the browser which files to keep in cache for how long.
Accelerating PHP :
Adding a PHP accelerator provides a performance boost from 42% on simple pages to 500-600% when different PHP-files are used. APC accelerator provides good results. eAccelerator is 15-20% more efficient.
Real path cache configuration: It is also highly recommended to increase the default realpath_cache_size and realpath_cache_ttl values in php.ini settings.
php.ini configuration:To reduce the memory usage and speed up PHP performance only the minimum set of PHP extensions required to run Magento(Enterprise Editions) in php.ini.

By opcode caching, PHP-execution can be fastened. There are many other PHP accelerators also like APC, ZendOptimizer +, eAccelerator, XCache. Both APC and Zend Optimizer+ are working flawless with Magento TM.
Handling Sessions:
Use memory-based file system such as tmpfs, which save all those extra disk IO cycles by storing these temporary files in memory instead of slow hard drive.
memcached service can be run in the cluster servers to provide fast session storage for all web-nodes.
Modify the configuration for MySQL server to take better advantage of server’s RAM. Most Linux distributions provide a conservative MySQL package out of the box.
Directory Structure Optimization :
Enabling Magento Enterprise Edition Compilation Module provides a 10-15% additional performance boost.
Some Other Tips To Speed Up Magento :
Compress PNG & JPG Images format, which lowers the bandwidth between the browser & the web server.
All the available caches in the Magento Admin Panel must be enabled.
Do W3C validation, it makes sure the browser engine has an easy job parsing HTML-code.
Merge all CSS and JavaScript files together as one big file to save bandwidth, as only one single HTTP-request is needed to fetch this content.
Disable unneeded Magento modules, which are not required.
Use Magento Compiler module to limits the number of directories
Enable flat catalogs for smaller web shops to save time
Serve Static content like images, CSS-style sheets or JavaScript-files through CDN that are more optimized.
Use Lazy Load JavaScript effect that makes sure only visible images (within the browser screen) are loaded
If site does not need local Magento modules, one can choose to skip the search for local modules altogether. Within the app/etc/local.xml file, one can find an XML-tag allows you to do so.
Try to optimize Magento application by using cloud computing.

Shankhadip is a webmaster working in InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd and a SAP Business one consultant for the couple of year. Specialized in Target Marketing through internet. Now working on SBOeConnect.

Effective Network Monitoring Reduces Redundancy

Network Monitoring refers to a system that constantly oversees the operation of a computer network for slow, unfailing, or unresponsive components using specialized management software tools. Networking monitoring software ensures uninterrupted service by immediately notifying the network administrator through email, SMS, or other methods in case of any outages or technical glitches. These systems are employed by organizations of all sizes that require extensive IT networking.

Application performance monitoring software looks at IT tools and related workflow (the term is used in computer programming to capture and develop human-to-machine interaction) to ascertain, identify, and report issues related to the performance of applications to ensure it fulfills, or in certain circumstances, exceed the expectations of business and end users. This is done by recording the volume of transactions going through the system during the response time measurement and measuring the resources used by an application.

The primary job of a network monitoring system is to detect and report failure of devices or connections within a network. Overloaded or crashed servers can bring down the entire structure. These software programs determine the status of a server by checking at pre-specified intervals the network bandwidth utilization (the data rate supported by a network connection or interface) of links, the processor (CPU) utilization of hosts and other aspects of operations like uptime, response time, storage arrays, and availability.

A message—often called a watchdog message—is sent over the network to each host to check if it is responsive to requests. Status request failures – such as when a connection cannot be established, unacceptably slow response (time-out), or when something out of the orginary is detected, an alert message is sent by the monitoring system (via phone, mail, etc.) to system administrators.

The ping program is one example of a basic monitoring program. It is software that is available on most computers that make use of Internet Protocols (IP) to send text messages between each other. These ping tests are run to establish that the connection between two computers is working and the connection performance is along expected lines.

While ping system is useful, there are more advanced and sophisticated monitoring software like LANDesk that are generally used by administrators of larger computer networks. There are certain network monitoring software programs that serve the specific purpose of monitoring Web Servers to ensure their uninterrupted availability. Organizations that have Web servers located in various locations around the world make use of such software to quickly detect and rectify problems. ensures through its network monitoring and application monitoring software that user downtime is effectively eliminated. Advance warning system of these software programs ensure comprehensive performance of all network devices through early detection of any problem.

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What is Dimensions Tables in Oracle?

Dimensions are an optional feature associated with materialized views. The use of dimensions makes query rewrite much more flexible. A dimension is an Oracle object that stores hierarchical information about your data. This information is used by the optimizer as it determines whether it can rewrite your query to use a materialized view.

Data in a data warehouse typically represents various hierarchical structures. One example would be the time relationship of data, which might be of the form of decade, year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, and so on. These types of relationships generally are used in data warehouse queries to roll up or drill down to more or less detail as needed. Oracle has introduced an object called a dimension that allows you to define these relationships in tables. Oracle then uses these dimension relationship definitions to more effectively rewrite queries and to determine if a materialized view can best be used.

Although Oracle can rewrite queries without the presence of dimensions, the definition of dimensions makes the query rewrite process much more versatile. The use of dimensions allows the query rewrite to move beyond SQL checking of the query’s SELECT clause and its join conditions in the WHERE clause; with dimensions, the query rewrite can look at the summary grouping and also other operations.

When you create a dimension, you define the various components of the dimension and then the various hierarchies of the dimension. For example, if you created a table with columns for the number of landing cycles that an aircraft might go through one cycle represent a single landing, you might create a table called TAKEOFF_LAND, and in it, you might create columns for year, quarter, month, week, day, and column of takeoff. These columns would be components, or levels, of the hierarchy; the order in which they appear would constitute the hierarchy itself.

During database services of data warehousing, you need to take care of dimension object very carefully. You need to understand basic concept of dimension object. Data warehousing always contains so many schedule jobs which data extracting continuously and during this data loading, if dimension object would become invalid or corrupt then you would not able to recover because size of database always large for data warehousing. It is not easy to recovery using any backup recovery scenario. Due to these all reasons, you need to take care of all dimension objects in data warehousing about levels and hierarchy representation.

Author is having 15+ years experience and providing Oracle Consulting, and author of, Oracle DBA Interview Questions book.

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Why Would You Need an Application Monitoring Tools Provider?

You need application monitoring tools to keep your applications performing well, and to maximize uptime . Application monitoring tools utilize data collectors behind a firewall a firewall. From there they monitor an applications health and performance in a real-time environment with trending data available so that system administrators can track the utilization of the applications.

Why Would You Require Application Monitoring Tools?
The tools help to narrow the gap between performance and maintenance and detecting problems which can give rise to negative user-experiences. With these tools, you can gauge the total utilization and healthof an application. With historical trending, administrators can make decisions about expanding network infrastructure to help with expanding use of an application, or refining the devices supplying the application’s bandwidth to increase the performance of an application.

Today, application monitoring mechanisms are very important because of business’s dependence on applications as infrastructure..

Tips To Choose Application Monitoring Software

Flexibility: You must make sure the program is flexible. Alerts must be delivered at the right time no matter where you are. This is an important factor when choosing VMware monitoring tools, as there are often many VM’s operating on a single server, and it’s not enough to just monitor the server itself. All dashboards must be easily customizable so that amateurs can handle a technical crises with the same tools that experts do.

Affordability: All the tools should be affordable and safe to use. SaaS solutions offer training and support as part of the solution, making it an attractive option.

Free trial offers: When choosing a company for application monitoring tools, you should ideally evaluate their performance first by opting for their trial offers.

All application monitoring tools have been covered with multiple layers of security for complete data safety. Besides the secure facilities where they are installed, this security is guaranteed through different measures like permission-based access and back-ups. A limited staff in an IT company cannot cope with the multiple changes which take place in today’s IT environments and for business continuity, it is essential to get these changes automated so that your site does not malfunction.

When you need templates to monitor new tools within seconds or automatic updates to any changes in the environment, turn to a company that takes updates and client needs foremost.  You’ll get more effective monitoring through an easy-to-use hosted product, than premise-based solutions that rely on your own uptime (and infrastructure) to have continuous monitoring.

You can log onto to understand the need for application monitoring tools to protect your servers. This company will offer you VMware monitoring tools and application monitoring tools for a free trial period.

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