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How do seniors and experts see the future of Java?

During a summit, a senior reveals some of his beliefs and truths related to vision of Java. This expert person has been working for years with Oracle and is the main person relating between the two companies Sun and Oracle and he is Steven G Harris. Presently he runs the team for Java server development and shows how clearly he visualizes the Java platform, various challenges, and vision from the oracle point of view. Let us see in this article how the future of Java platform is.

As per his views JavaOne involves success due to its rich content features and purpose continuity whereas from the Java developer’s point of view Oracle has more room for improvements in those areas. This feedback was solicited by him so as to know better for improvement in JavaOne and then he appreciated that the user groups of Java is the real asset for Java developers. Presently the strategy of oracle is to give open, clear, end-to-end and integrated stack of hardware, middleware, apps, database, content and infrastructure. Here the goal is simple and clear for all Java development companies, outsource java development companies and java developers to enable working of hardware and software collaboratively so they result into better services, management and more benefits in every term.

Steven further said those who will buy from them should be benefited more in terms of money. He wishes that Java developers need to understand and be motivated to make more money through best java development. Oracle is a strong supporter for Java open source community who works continuously to improve various areas in java development. Its one of the most popular programming language accepted worldwide and its work best with Oracle. He strongly believes that if java does not succeed they will fail as all their middleware are written in Java. He and other experts strongly wishes that java should be more successful thus it should be kept open so that Java developers can create successful solutions.

Some very big figures and numbers were declared by him about the usage of Java in regular work days. This is because Java is such a flexible platform which allows any developer to learn its platform and libraries while opening numerous options of development if both areas are learned properly. It opens up numerous areas and so you can target many users, businesses, organizations, desktops and other wireless devices. Oracle is thus in continuous process of making Java more famous and acceptable worldwide. They focus with strong motivation to increase developer base and the platform adaption rate. Also he shows acknowledgement of how many people criticize that the platform is advancing at a slower pace and especially for bureaucratic processes. Here the answer to this is that they are progressing towards its acceleration so they can make Java more competitive and a kind of language that most Java developers as well as users would love to use due to its benefits.

Additionally he also added to his statements that community plays an important role in the success of Java and all companies that are associated with it like GlassFish, OpenJDK, Eclipse, and Apache are the part of this success.

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