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Wow Auction Ads SRSLY SUCKS

After Shoemoney sold Auction Ads, it didn’t take long for the service to go completely to shit. I was running Auction Ads on my Bobby Orr memorabilia site.

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Pay Per Post Continues Whip the Competition in the Blog Market

Previously I have blogged about PPP Direct was going to kill Review Me in the paid blogging market. Today I review how the top three blog pay for posting schemes are shaping up.

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Monetizing Blogspot Blogs with & Grouper

I always think of new ways to monetize content. Let’s face it there are many Blogspot bloggers out there who are not taking full advantage of the power of the Blogger platform. I thought of this post as I was working on how to build a cool shopping mashup with no programming required; Part 1 and Part 2. Since many people start out with Blogger platform, it’s important to build multiple revenue streams beyond Adsense.

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Monetizing Blogspot blogs with Ebay RSS Feeds

I am going to take a short digression on how to build a how to build a web mashup without programming and give you a quick tip on monetizing your hosted blogspot blog by adding Ebay Auctions to it. One of the new features of Blogger is the “Add a Feed” feature which allow you to add external RSS feeds for display. It’s like having CaRP built-in to your blogspot blog!

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The three secret rules for becoming a successful blogger!

Let’s face it some bloggers are more successful than others. For some reason some bloggers can become highly successful even when the quality of their writing isn’t great. How is this possible? Shouldn’t the blogosphere reward quality writing? Well it does reward quality writing but it also rewards other things as well! So without any further introduction here are the three paths to blogging success!

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PPP – the long tail of blogging

It’s clear that my last post on ReviewMe vs PPP didn’t cover all of my thinking. So I decided to do this follow-up post.

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Review Me Vs. PPP Direct

First off this is NOT a paid post. Just thought I would clear the air there. It’s apparent a number of bloggers are underwhelmed by the recent foray of PPP into ReviewMe’s space. Kumiko ssays you will make less money and John Chow says that PPP Direct “fails”. Both are flat assed wrong here. It’s curtains for ReviewMe.

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Typekey Authentication

In an effort to stem the tide of spammish comments/unrelated comments and just people trying to leach off my blog I have turned on Typekey authentication.

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I use to publish California Mortgage News. This has worked ok for the past couple of years but it has also created some problems.

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Pay Per Post and Your Brand. What Fortune 500 advertisers should know about Pay Per Post.

I was watching episode 20 of Rockstar Startup which featured Jody, the new West Coast director of sales. She met with a few agencies on the West Coast (Gen X was one, which handles Acura). That meeting was interesting because it occurred at my favorite sushi restaurant on the West side (recognized the decor) and it raised some important issues questions that advertisers have about Pay Per Post.

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