Thalasar Ventures – Please allow label editing!

I use to publish California Mortgage News. This has worked ok for the past couple of years but it has also created some problems. just recently did a major re-design which added significantly new functionality, especially for those hosting their blogs with I liked using blogger for CA Mortgage News since it meant moving the blog was incredibly easy. I could just update the hosting information and publish it at the new host. It’s like getting back up for free and I am hosting a blog at my own domain. Most of the new features (such as embedding RSS feeds in the blog) don’t work in a hosted environment. One feature that does SORTA work is labels.
I dug labels in the same way you dig tagging. So I went through and labeled a bunch of my posts. One teensy weensy little problem though! When publishing remotely labels with spaces in the names often will get hung up and give you a 550 error. It’s a well known issue but with no estimated time for a fix. So this means every single new post at California Mortgage News gets hung up with errors and takes forever! To deal with this problem I have been forced to re-edit every single post with labels and edit out the spaces. Why doesn’t Google provide a simple interface for editing labels? There doesn’t appear to be anyway to edit label except of course to edit each and every post containing labels. Does this appear to be a solid user experience? It shouldn’t be that hard to provide a label editing mechanism. That’s a clear example of introducing a new feature and not actually conducting usability testing to determine how people are using it.

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