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Pay Per Post Continues Whip the Competition in the Blog Market

Previously I have blogged about PPP Direct was going to kill Review Me in the paid blogging market. Today I review how the top three blog pay for posting schemes are shaping up.

As expected Pay Per Post continues and extends it’s lead in the marketplace. Here’s a link to a quick Compete chart comparing Pay Per Post, ReviewMe and Loud Launch. It’s not even close in this market with Pay Per Post posting up numbers three times larger than it’s nearest competitor. I haven’t had as much time to do as much blogging (I am pretty busy with a startup in Santa Fe) but it’s apparent that Pay Per Post is pretty much kicking the shit out of everyone else in the market. When I logged in to Pay Per Post today (Because one of my blogs got a direct opportunity) I was stunned at the number of available opportunities. Pay Per Post has 5 to 6 times as many opportunities than it did just a few months ago. This sort of growth is amazing and what I found interesting is the growth of the higher end opps (>$30). There are a wide assortment of opportunities available in a variety of different fields so bloggers can find opportunities that truly interest them.
In the end the real difference at Pay Per Post is there management team. They know how to execute and clearly are continuing to execute on their strategy. Unless Pay Per Post significantly stumbles they are definitely going to own this market.

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