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Heroku To Support Java Platform

Java is among the most widely used programming languages in the entire world at this time. One of the principle reasons for its popularity is its “portability” feature, which means that any program developed on the Java platform can easily be executed on other platforms.  Java is mainly used to create client-server web applications and looking at its attraction among developers, we can easily state that you will probably find yourself working with it even 20 years down the road. Among the thousands of programming languages, java is definitely in the list of top 10 you should consider getting trained on.

Heroku to support java platform

According to a freshly released report from, Heroku has proclaimed its support for the Java programming language, to try to make its platform popular with a much wider base of developers. Heroku, which is a subsidiary of, is presently supporting languages like Ruby, Clojure and Node.js and by including Java, it will be available to over six million programmers worldwide. Although a few believe that Java has its weak spots, that makes it a not very good language for all different kinds of programmers, Heroku appears to believe otherwise. The move however, does not appear to shock many, since the intention is to make the Heroku platform accessible to as many programmers as they possibly can.

At the Dreamforce conference last year, the parent company, Salesforce had announced that it had acquired Heroku. At that time the company had already tied-up with VMware to introduce VMforce, a platform exclusively for cloud developers using Java enterprise. However, nothing much has been observed or happened with that product since then, and the 2 merging companies appear to have totally different views about it. In any event, we will have to wait and see to know more about the reaction Heroku will get by incorporating Java.

Java for programmers

If you have always fancied themselves writing computer programs and developing applications, games and the like then Java is positively a language you should be thinking about learning. Learning this language also can open up avenues to a range of job opportunities available in the IT industry today. There are various high-paying jobs for IT professionals and if you intend to lay hands on any of them, learning a language like Java can be really helpful. Java is easy to learn and can be great to work with, when you comprehend it completely. Learning Java can be viewed as the first step you can take for becoming an IT programmer, as knowledge of this language allows you to develop complex programs in other languages.

More than anything, Java is here to stay for years to come, which means that you would almost always have a job in hand. All you need to do is search for a highly regarded institute or college that offers [java courses] and choose one that will help you build your IT skills. So why hesitate? Just register for a [java training program in Seattle], Denver or any other place you are in to enter the wide world of java programming.

Johnrold has more than twenty five years of practice as an IT specialist and Chief Technology Officer. Through the years, he has recognized a vast need amongst small corporations for enlightening resources and tools for IT training like python training courses and oracle training courses that can excel their workforce.

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