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Oracle, MU Sigma and CSC Placement Papers for Fulfilling of Candidature of Respective Companies

Due to high attrition rate in leading IT giants the credibility of such firms are put to stake, there is also a big question mark on the service standards, and procedural codes set by them. This is because employees get immense job opportunities in other sectors and fields, which are far more lucrative and promising as compared to there IT, counterparts. Moreover, other options also provide better job opportunities and better service standards inclusive of better ambience in their work areas as well. Due to such a trend, which has set in these firms the adoption of placement papers for recruitment purpose became mandatory to convert the attrition rate into retention rate.

Among various firms oracle has adopted this principle of bringing out oracle placement papers for the sole purpose of inducting the cream of the entire strength of a college or an institution. This resulted in a lesser and minimal number of employees from resigning from their jobs due to an added clause of a bond attached with the selection letter. This company has been granted status of having recorded the largest number of placement in the recent times, which is bound to increase with every passing year. Moreover, the salary structure is of such a tune that even after a laborious and rigorous schedule people hardly complains.

Similarly, mu sigma placement papers which are like a passport for getting entry into the company, which contributes, to the GDP of our country in a major way. This firm though very low in ranking is known for high salary packages and even an additional number of employee benefits and incentives, which are revised on a monthly basis. Besides such placement, papers are not everyone’s cup of tea especially for those who throughout their entire academic life have been the average Joe. For getting through such papers one needs to have a thorough bookish knowledge and even beyond one’s syllabus one must know about the various activities related to their field going on in the real scenario.

Likewise, there have been talks about csc placement papers to be introduced in the arena and domain of selection of professionals for their regular office work. This firm, which has the maximum number of employees until date, is all set to revamp its plan and model of selection of candidates to be doubly sure of selecting the right and required number of people for the desired vacancies. It is an effort on the part of every company to play its cards right and not to land up in a murky mess with attrition being the order of the day. is a dedicated website for providing the placement papers of all IT companies. Explore oracle placement papers, mu sigma placement papers, csc placement papers and much more.

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Hurd off the Street -Oracle Buys Dell?

But employment deals like this have a way of getting done, so let’s keep thinking about why Oracle wants Hurd (my colleague Victoria Barret raised some questions here.) Oracle wants sweep and scale, and more comprehensive relations with its big corporate customers.

Sooner or later, it wants Dell, among other big acquisitions.

Even with the announcement of Hurd’s job move, co-president Safra Catz praised Hurd’s capability in running a company with $ 100 billion in revenues. As Oracle’s are one-quarter that, it makes you think the always-robust Oracle acquisition machine is ready to run — that is the only way to grow dramatically, when you are at multibillion-dollar scale.

The last big Oracle buy was Sun Microsystems. At the time, people liked the software Oracle got from that deal, but wondered what to do with the hardware. Sure, it could sell high-performing Sun servers loaded with Oracle database and application software, but at what acquisition cost?

That deal makes more sense if Oracle adds to its hardware offerings with a comprehensive desktop and laptop offering. Dell has that, along with servers, storage, and a little network switching. More important, it has extensive corporate relations in selling to different parts of a corporate base than Oracle now touches.

That matters a lot in the current tech world, where corporate tech is in an unprecedented period of consolidation: Companies like HP, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft have built and acquired comprehensive portfolios, offering customers one-stop shopping and better value. It makes for a tough, cost-cutting climate, where formerly large companies are cast out as also-rans.

SAP, once a titan, is trying hard to avoid that label with acquisitions like Sybase. Dell, which just lost to HP in the bidding for data center storage company 3Par, may soon suffer the same stigma. Other, smaller companies likely end up as lower-margin suppliers in someone else’s ecosystem. Startups focus on new fields, like social media, and hope to be purchased by Google or Facebook.

Hurd made his mark (ahem) taking HP into that league, consolidating his predecessor’s acquisition of Compaq, and buying assets in networking, services, management software, and wireless operating systems.  One of his big allies in making all that work: HP chief information officer Randy Mott, an old friend Hurd brought over from Dell.

Those skills in acquisition and consolidation, along with his personal relations with big customers and industry leaders, are almost certainly why Oracle got Hurd. And of course, why HP is suing Hurd over the job.

The suit is arguably justified, and probably not relevant to where all this ends up. I have to say, any lawsuit that begins by citing some quickie journalism does not seem ironclad, even if the argument is strong: Hurd knew a fair amount about tech from his days at NCR, but everything he knows about big, comprehensive, Oracle-type sales to big business comes from his HP years. Most of his knowledge about big customers and tech-addressable woes were from HP.

Long term that probably doesn’t matter though; the lawsuit is a strategic one, aimed at slowing, not stopping, the next big battle. Inside HP, there are probably some impressive retention bonuses being paid to old Hurd allies, like Mott, for the same reason.

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Lamp Servers

For a stable and robust web-server, LAMP is the best combination possible. The LAMP system comprises of: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP; Linux is the base or the Operating System software on which the others will run; Apache is the actual web-server software; MySQL is the Structured Query Language or the database software; PHP is the Hypertext Preprocessor for dynamic web-pages.

All the above software products are open-source. Meaning, you are free to use them without having to worry about copyright infringement. The only restriction is you are not allowed to modify the source code of the software. A word about the hardware requirements for the LAMP; people have been known to run LAMP successfully on 128MB of ram on a 800MHz CPU, using a 4GB Hard Disk. Such low configurations may not be commercially available any more, so we can safely say use anything available as long as it is robust, since it is the life of a server what we are putting at risk.

The first step will involve installing the OS or the Operating Software. This is as easy as sticking the live-CD/DVD of the OS into the drive and booting up the PC. You will see the OS running from the CD/DVD and asking you if you want to install on the HD or the hard disk. Say yes, and the wish is fulfilled. Well, if you need to do something special like partitioning your HD, etc., you may need to explore first.

Before we start installing and setting up the others, we need to set up the OS properly. Since we are going to make changes to the basic OS, we need to assume the status of the Super-user; in other words, ‘login as root’, and remain so until all the installation is done. If you do not have access to the hardware from a keyboard, or you are doing a remote login, use Secure Shell, and not telnet; not to compromise the security of the server. Depending on the Linux distro you are using, these names may differ somewhat.

Again, depending on the Linux distro you are using, you may decide to install the standard versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL, in which case, there is no need to uninstall anything. On the other hand, if you are very particular or need to tweak the software to extract maximum performance, you may decide to install after compiling the source code; in which case, you will need to uninstall the standard versions which are given with the OS, download the correct source code versions suitable to your OS, and begin compiling. Whatever course you choose, you will need the C++ compiler. Check for and install if necessary, gcc and gcc-c++.

The next step is to check and if necessary, download the Apache, PHP and MySQL from the repository of your distro and install. In case you are going to install after compiling, get the source code for Apache, PHP and MySQL, unpack and use the standard ‘configure’ and ‘make’ compiling procedures, to install. Execute the install procedure sequentially, starting with MySQL, then Apache and finish with PHP.

Ensure the security by following standard procedures, see references below.
Check up everything. You are done!

For information on renting a dedicated LAMP Server, check out

Comparison of SAP, Oracle, Dynamics ERP Software

SAP and Oracle can be considered as the leading ERP providers that have been dominating the market past few decades. Many reputed organizations have been benefited from SAP and Oracle ERP implementation and both of them has undisputable international recognition in aiding business growth. In spite of these, both SAP and Oracle do have their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Both these ERP providers are suitable for large organizations with business units located in different locations across the globe. The cost and time required to implement SAP and Oracle are quite high and are not suitable for medium and small sized organizations. SAP and Oracle offers higher levels off complexity in their features compared to Microsoft Dynamics. The features of SAP and Oracle can meet a number of business requirements and provides strong technical support, higher risk tolerance and better scalability.

Improved technological features: Based on advance software systems, Oracle provides better integration facilities compared to SAP. The out of the box solutions of Oracle provides better flexibility and improved work efficiency often followed by a certain level of uncertainty. Consequently, this calls for higher level of expertise to deal with the advanced features. SAP ERP constitutes of core features and maintains a unidirectional path.

Organization size: The higher cost and longer implementation time of SAP and Oracle makes it suitable for large organizations with different units beyond the geographical borders. Small and medium sized organizations prefer Dynamics as the low cost option.

Flexible features: SAP is the pioneer in ERP market that has gained immense success since 1970’s. SAP is also reputed for providing training to the buyers. The rigid ERP structure of SAP is perhaps the biggest disadvantage as the buyers have to orient their business processes according to the SAP ERP system, which may not fulfill the business requirements. Oracle is notable for its strong database system and the flexibility of integration with other software models. It offers a higher level of customizations that often poses problems for the organization to follow the core processes. Oracle is said to have better ROI compared to SAP. Microsoft Dynamics also offers better scalability and customization facilities devoid of complexities, suitable for the current IT system.

User satisfaction: Microsoft Dynamics again is a better choice than SAP and Oracle when it comes to user satisfaction. The UI of Dynamics is simple like Microsoft and easy to adapt. Oracle has the highest number of customer satisfaction for its flexibility and easy integration features, whereas SAP bears the reputation for providing better business. Dynamics, on the other hand, has the competitive edge because of its low cost solutions.

Implementation time, cost and risk tolerance:

SAP and Oracle involves huge cost and takes long time for implementation, but both have higher levels of risk tolerance. Dynamics involves much lower cost, takes lesser time for implementation but is less tolerant to risks. Sometimes, the implementation time of Dynamics may be unusually high and often the performance is below the expected level.

All three ERP systems can well support international systems efficiently handling international requirements and offering better scalability.

Find about Benefits of ERP for SME. Also know the Advantages of ERP in an organization. Read about SAP ERP Course Fees and duration of the course.

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Hire PHP Programmer and Uplift Your Business

There is a heavy demand for professional php programmers in the market. The global web development industry is looking up and various companies feel the need to hire efficient php programmer. PHP is an open source web development application which needs technical knowledge and expertise. If you are looking to hire php programmer for your business the Indian market provides you with substantial resources.

There are various reputed best php developer india companies on whom you can rely for their services. These companies have a pool of fresh and experienced service professionals who are quite capable in php development. When you approach these companies for work, there are several advantages which you get. As a customer your website development requirements certainly vary from one to the other. The programmers who work for these companies are capable to handle varied types of project requirements. But before you decide to work with these companies, it is advisable to conduct a quick background check (here you can find out more about the criminal background check service that we use).

It helps you to develop the reliability about the company and go ahead with the projects. The selection process followed by these companies is quite stringent. A pool of developers who possess sufficient knowledge to handle projects are only chosen.  When the candidates appear for the interviews at these companies, they are asked about various php specifications. Only suitable candidates who have resourceful knowledge on the subject are chosen.

When the customers decide to finalize the projects, a non disclosure agreement is signed with these companies. This kind of an agreement makes the deals transparent and the companies can fully rely on best php developer india. These companies have maintained an efficient track record over the years and it is evident through its diverse php programmer portfolio. The various php programmers at work are led by project managers who have sufficient experience in the field and a very good coordination is maintained during the projects.

A very capable marketing team always updates the clients about the various developments related to the projects.  The work and payment schedule offered by these companies is also quite flexible. The flexibility depicted by these companies makes it easy for the customers to deal with the projects and settle the payment issues. The flexible mode of payments offered by these companies varies from weekly to monthly plans. The customers have the right to choose the plans as per their preference and go ahead with the projects.

The companies follow a very advanced model of work and offer a free trial period to the customers. The trial period offer has been designed accordingly to favour the requirements of the clients.  The clients just need to make an advance payment of seven days in order to be eligible for the offer. But if they are not satisfied with the work quality, they have the right to ask for payment refunds. But the clients need to inform about the dissatisfaction from an advanced stage of time. If you want to hire php programmer, these companies surely remain as the best choice.

If you Hire PHP Programmer or Best PHP Developer India from the Indian companies, you can expect a very high standard of service. You can log on to for more information in this regard.

Reasons to Hire a Professional PHP programmer

These days the most commonly and popularly used web scripting program is PHP required to develop a website. If you are looking to develop an attractive website with interactive and dynamic web pages then hire professional PHP programmer. With time, PHP programming has achieved huge popularity due to its customer-friendly usability. This program is easier to learn as compared to other web script programming languages like, Joomla, and so on. It is considered as one of the most convenient options to develop web pages and web portals.

In order to create dynamic web pages, you require a professional helping hand. A professional PHP programmer is the ideal person who can make your website interactive and alive. In this world of cut throat competition amongst various companies, the web world is now playing a very significant role. Nowadays, having a website has become a trend all over the industry. Making it user-friendly at an affordable rate is the main key towards a successful website. Sequentially to win this race and endure in this competitive world, each company owner is having a neck-to-neck competition with its associates to create something new. This is the reason they are looking for the best php developer, who will cast a spell on their company website. Hiring or getting a professional php programmer is not that easy. To deal with the rising complexities of today’s business, there have been many techniques invented. With these rapid developments, selecting the best programming language has become difficult. By now, the best programming language that people have come across is none other than the PHP programming language. However, creating new heights to the on-line business has become every business owner’s priority and so they are seeking to hire PHP programmer for their company website.

Always hire professional PHP programmer who can create good and attractive website designed at affordable rates. Look for the best website development company, from where you can recruit the best programmer for your site. Make your website attractive, rich in content with the help of an ideal developer and reach the maximum traffic in the search engines. These days both PHP and Joomla has become popular amongst people and they want to build up their company websites in either of the two. There have been several companies in India, outsourcing both PHP and Joomla applications and also providing the best progression to the clients. If you are looking forward to create an effective e-commerce website for your business, then hire Joomla programmer. No wonder, you will receive the highest custom-made web development services and advantages from Joomla. They will cater to your business requirements and wants in the most professional manner. Joomla programmer is capable and a quite affordable programmer, who will save both your energy and time to develop a dynamic website. This is the reason, it is very essential to recruit Joomla developers or programmers to create a beneficial CMS website.

So, to emphasize on the quality of your website, you must hire a professional PHP programmer from a reliable web development company and see what he creates for you.

Are you looking to Hire a PHP Programmer then you may Hire Joomla Programmer. We are a trustworthy web design and development company from India, who provide well qualified and highly skilled Professional PHP Programmer.Therefore if you want to build a quality website you should consider hiring a professional PHP programmer from us.

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Why Do We Require to Hire PHP Programmer

Your business may be a small or large, but all you need to promote your company on a wider scale in the global industry. No wonder, every company executives desire to get their potential customers at their doorsteps. It is all about ‘gaining’, so to become a successful business man, one should try to make their company website attractive and rich in content. This is the ideal way to draw a large number of traffic towards your website. You must hire PHP programmer or developer for your projects and get the best results. If you desire to have a full and functional e-commerce website, you should consult a professional PHP developer who can make your dream come true. PHP scripting language is very important to create or develop an e-commerce website for your company. PHP is supposed to be one of the most accepted languages in web developing. With this language you can easily develop dynamic website pages.

Before you hire PHP programmer, always do the research work or else you might end up recruiting fake developers. Always look for PHP developers who have a complete knowledge about the language and can carry out the entire assignment in PHP separately. When you are looking to hire PHP developer India, browse through the web development company websites and get an idea about how they work and how much they can be trust upon. If possible collect the contact details of the list of customers to whom they have served and call few of them to verify about their services. You can also go through the online reviews or feedbacks to get a clear idea about the programmers. There are large numbers of web development companies in India from where you can hire professional PHP programmers. All you need to look for the best PHP programmer India from these companies.

A good PHP developer or programmer will work sincerely and hand in hand for various businesses to beat the daily challenges. Most of the web development companies in India have efficient and proficient programmers who are ever-ready to keep up their highest quality work at the most competitive charges. Hire PHP programmer from a reliable and trustworthy company who have the proficiency to develop web solutions meeting customer’s requirements and needs. If you are looking for a sincere programmer within an affordable rate to take care of your web application, content management and e-commerce requirements with the newest technology, then you must browse through internet.

No wonder, the best way to hire professionals is to look through various web development websites. You get to learn about the services provided by the company and also read the reviews and accordingly set up your mind to hire a developer for your website. You can recruit programmers or developers suiting your requirements, budget and needs. You can get them as part-timers, or on daily basis, or on hourly basis, or as full-timers and so on. They can be recruited through limited contractual or short-term periods.

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OracleTrader “Crushing” Offer with Very Limited Time Bonuses

You now have just a few days to register for the killer OracleTrader package that Dustin Pass has put together for you! More major news releases are coming up and they can make you a very happy camper indeed, but.. you have to take part to profit!..

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Not only have they reduced the investment amount, but they stacked up bonus after bonus, layering on education, training, trading strategies, and EA’s to further push your trading profits OVER THE TOP (these are strategies you will use on non-news release days to make good money)!

But all of the bonuses go away very soon, so visit:

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This is the largest launch in the history of FOREX because OracleTrader has the most impressive, verifiable, long-term track-record of consistently returning profits to investors like you.

It’s not a robot or an EA.  It’s the most elegant piece of software that nets you easy pips every time a news release comes out.

They are processing orders as fast as they can, and when capacity is reached, they are shutting the doors.

You owe it to yourself to learn all you can about this one-time offer:

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The clock is ticking. If you don’t  get in this time, it could be next winter before they open up registration again, if ever. That’s A LOT of profits to give up, so hurry!

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Reasons to Hire OsCommerce Developer

With so many things going on in the field of information technology, the development of os-commerce and e-commerce has made things quiet easier for people around the globe. These days, you will find companies are working hard on oscommerce website designing. There are trained developers and programmers who help to develop the formation of the e-commerce application. These skilled programmers assist in building the application more user-friendly and attractive. With the advent of oscommerce and e-commerce, it has become simple and trouble-free for people to purchase commodities and draw on services from one nation while sitting in a different place. So, if you want to improve the grade of your website then hire oscommerce developer. They will add supplementary features to your customary website design.

Open source commerce also known as Os Commerce, is a wonderful software program that deals with online storage managing and e-commerce programs. With time, an open source commerce way out to an e-commerce function has taken things to the better level in the IT field. The OsCommerce solutions can be easily setup and are easy to maintain and incorporate. These days, companies in this field are coming up with first-class osCommerce services to cater various website needs and help the businesses continue to exist in this huge market. Hire oscommerce developer for your company website and see where your website reaches. An open source commerce expert has a lot of proficiency in the field of oscommerce website designing. The programmer is well versed with various web databases and programming languages like Java, PHO, Joomla, and so on. So, if you want to make cost-effective and customer friendly website for your company hire osCommerce developer and make your business grow higher in the global market.

Today, business people prefer those databases and programming languages that are specific and can handle intricate tasks together with helpful compatibility. This is the reason, large division of web programmers and developers are using PHP as a modified web development solution for building fully efficient online portal. If you are looking forward to create highly professional and visually appealing web pages and web portal then immediately hire a PHP Programmer. Till now, PHP programming language has been considered as one of the most important fundamentals to develop a successful website.

Apart from OSCommerce, PHP programming, Joomla, e-commerce solution, custom application development, there is another important element to build up a website is CakePHP development. CakePHP is an open source website application system in the PHP framework that is now considered as the latest classification of open source customization. If you want to develop a better website and introduce the latest CakePHP application in your website then hire CakePHP developer and create something new.

No wonder, with time CakePHP has turned to be one of the most sought after free open source CMS that can take your company website to superior heights of achievement as compared to your contenders. A CakePHP developer is highly skilled and makes things easier for you to see your website at a different angle.

If you want to Hire PHP Programmer especially searching for Hire Oscommerce Developer or Hire CakePHP Developer Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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My Lamp Experience

Lets share my experience as a LAMP professional and how i enjoyed setting up application server for my company as an individual team member. It was difficult to start with a big corporate project. But due to my prior experience on PHP and MySQL based open source software, it was easy for me. On the CENTOS 5 platform, we already had PHP 5 but i installed PHP 4 as CGI so that i can run my both type of applications.It was just like installing php 4 from and then compiling it with lot of additional extensions. After the compilation process, we have linked the PHP 4 scripts to run as cgi script using php 4 interpreter. Then there was MySQL 5 already running on port number 3307, what i did, installed mysql 4 on the another port number 3306, making some modifications in my.cnf, confIguration file for MySQL. There was some issue while installation, as mysql service was starting and then stopping in the presence of another mysql running on the same server. But at the end, it was some user and group permissions issue, that was blocking the service to run. But at last i have completed Dual Installation of PHP and MySQL on the LAMP Server. Then installed phpmyadmin to manage mysql server by putting appropriate securities inside the phpmyadmin default configuration file. Uploaded source code for website and customized it according to my organizations need. But after the hard work of three to four months i was successful in setting it up with some advance automation and syncronization scripts running on it. Developed an advanced Support Ticketing system on the LAMP platform, customized the platform according to the needs of support application, testing scripts on the LAMP, testing scripts integration with the mail server, testing scripts integration with MySQL database, it took around 8-9 months. Finally i got a support ticketing system, where customers can register themselves and can track their issues. Engineers can reply to their questions.The communication done on Microsoft Outlook can be seen and tracked on MySQL database, Administrator can get reports of the service provided by engineers and Non-Resolved Issues can be escalated to main support server at different location.It was a great success for me to develop such transparent support system and one of the big projects i have completed on LAMP.

Puneet verma is web consultant with more than 4 years experience in Telecom & Networking, ECommerce Industry.You can connect to him on skype id: puneet6565 OR mail him at He is currently running and a green blog .