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H1Bs, Green Cards and Citizenship

When I hired Andrew Maltsev to work at Brave New Worlds, one of the things that we promised to do was complete his pending green card application. Andrew Maltsev was at the time at H1B at a New Jersey staffing firm.

Since in hiring Andrew away from his current firm, we gave him a significant, he offered to split the attorney fees involved in his green card application. We hired an attorney based out of San Diego that a good reputation among programmers seeking green cards. We also moved Andrew’s H1B to Brave New Worlds.
Getting a green card in the United States is a time consuming process that often takes years. Indeed in the middle of the process with Andrew we faced a situation when 9/11 occurred. The process slowed down and the rules changed. Not being a US citizen created a huge headache for Andrew. Visiting his parents in Russia was a total pain as it required new visas etc. As Andrew’s employer for his H1B and then his green card, I found myself dealing with numerous changing legal forms and legal requirements. Andrew’s goal was full citizenship and the process certainly took awhile and a lot of money.
I wish I had the online resources that now available for handling the citizenship process back then. There are some great resources available for applying to a be a US citizen. As my own experience demonstrates circumstances and rules can change very quickly. Immigration and citizenship is a highly politicized topic and the rules can change with every election.
Apply for US Citizenship Online is a site that I have spent some time reviewing in light of my own experiences with Andrew’s own H1B, green card and citizenship work. It provides a web based version of the same process that we used that required an attorney. The web-based system helps users complete the labyrinthian process of becoming a US Citizen in an easy to understand and accurate manner online. They save applicants up to 90% in fees, eliminating expensive attorney fees. The system not only guides users through the entire process, but it also customizes instructions based on their individual case or situation. Had I had this site then, I probably could have saved nearly $8,000 in legal fees.
With a power tool like this at my disposal the process for Andrew’s full citizenship would have been far easier. Indeed this demonstrates the power of a web application to cover complicated rule sets and provide updated information at a single location.
The benefits of citizenship are quite clear. It opens up new job opportunities, provides numerous legal safeguards and benefits. I would encourage current green card holders to begin the process today and Apply for US Citizenship Online. By doing so today you can assure your and your family’s future.

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