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Failure in crisis management

Bob Parsons is the out spoken owner of Go Daddy. Godaddy has been experiencing DDOS over the last few days that has kept his registrar and almost all of his customers hosting web sites offline.

It’s been reported in Slashdot, Dugg. So you would think that Bob Parson’s would be using his high profile blog to keep his users up to date about this mission critical situation? Nope. Bob’s blog still has a post about the Registerfly controversy. This is a huge mistake. Bob’s blog is the public face of and should be the primary place where crisis management begins. To have no mention on the blog or even the site is a huge PR mistake. In a crisis situation, it’s pretty important to maintain regular updates on the problem. Godaddy seems to be operating under the assumption that ignoring the problem will mean that their customer base will forget about it. They won’t and they will remember how you handled the situation.
I am pretty stunned that Godaddy is handling the situation in this manner. There doesn’t appear a single mention anywhere on Bob’s blog or site. Yet a blog would be the ideal place to manage this crisis. It’s RSS format combined with the ease of updating means you can keep your employees and more importantly your customers ahead of the curve and informed.

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