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Going Global

Global expansion is something large corporations do all the time. It’s also good idea for any affiliate marketer to consider. I recently launched a Canadian shopping portal, a Faire du shopping which is a French shopping portal. That’s not all either.

I also re-launched my UK shopping portal and my UK Auction Portal. There are some very good reasons for this, not the least of which is that the dollar has steeply declined in value. Ron Paul nuts not withstanding I look at the dollar’s decline as potentially quite a good thing since everything in the United States is cheaper including PPC. Buying clicks in dollars and getting paid in Euros is one more opportunity to leverage an arbitrage to take advantage of global markets.
Additionally going global means that you can spread your risk as an affiliate. Of course going global also means that you might not have as much knowledge of the regional market as a native affiliate. But it also means the competition might not be as tough. Certainly I have found the small markets in the Europe not as competitive. I won’t stop there. I plan launching a shopping comparison engine similar to Shop Sort in the UK, France, Germany and Australia. Going global means that you are less likely to be dependent on the performance of one particular economy and can take advantage of the global markets to extend your affiliate reach.

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