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Where To Buy Name Brand Merchandise Below Wholesale Cost?

Looking online, especially on eBay, we can find businesses selling merchandise for prices which would make any physical store lose it’s shirt (so to speak). The question that’s being asked is where merchants get their goods so cheap. Are those original goods? Are they knockoffs? Or maybe those are wholesale companies retailing their merchandise online? If you search online for terms like Wholesale Clothing liquidation you will find the new trend of wholesale clothing which are called closeouts.

What are closeouts?.
Let’s take a look at closeouts. Closeouts are a form of liquidating goods that where ether too long on the shelf, has a small imperfection or is simply overstocked merchandise. There are few closeouts liquidators which have contracts with department stores such as Sears, Macys, JC Penny, Bloomindales, and more. The Liquidation companies buy department stores overrun merchandise for pennies on the wholesale dollar, usually by the shipping container and then sell it to store owners and sometimes other wholesalers. The catch is that you usually don’t know what you’re going to get and in some cases items can be damaged. Women’s clothing seems to take more damage than men’s clothing.
What are overstock items?
If the goods are overstock than they will usually have almost no damage since the goods never actually sold. It may have been on the department store’s shelf or in the warehouse but it never left the merchant’s site. Usually damaged merchandise comes from customer returns. The condition of the returned merchandise can be varied from one store to another. If Macys decided not to receive any clothing which had been laundered and but Gap Stores does accept it back, than it would be right to say that Macys salvage clothing will be in a better condition than Gap.
What are private label goods?
If you want to know how to make money on eBay than by selling designer merchandise from high end department stores and you want to find out who is selling online already, the best way to check is by the private labels. Every store has its own private labels (in fact, creating custom labels like here at Check out the name Charter Club on eBay. All the stores that sell this brand are carrying overstock and or return merchandise from Macy. To find companies which liquidate Macys merchandise you can check . When looking for items to sell, keep in mind that you will get a better price from wholesalers if you buy in larger quantities and pay in cash. Liquidation companies are a great source for young entrepreneurs who are looking to expand the number and breadth of products that they sell on Ebay.
Cash is king
If you are looking to use liquidation merchandise to expand the goods you sell, there are some things that you should know about this business. First off cash is king in this business. No liquidation company is going to extend you credit. The liquidation companies have a cash only no return policy with the department stores and they have the same terms with their customers. Keep in mind you are buying goods anywhere between 40-50% of the wholesale cost. This means you trade off certain assurances on the normal wholesaler arrangement but get a fantastic price. Typically most liquidators want either a $500 or $1000 minimum order depending on the type of item. For example for clothing liquidators you are likely to have a $1,000 minimum.
You can compete
In today’s tough marketplace with companies like Walmart able to command lower prices from manufacturers and buy in such volume that competing with them on anything they sell is impossible. Closeouts offer online merchants the opportunity to compete with lower priced offering and still make a good profit on the sale. Closeouts and overstocks are typically purchased at 40% of the wholesale price so this gives you an option of finding goods to sell that will be competitively priced and have a good margin for you.

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