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Living in New Mexico

Since moving to New Mexico I really enjoyed the country life. I grew up in Indiana on a small hobby farm (7.5 acres) so I really enjoyed the return to country life. My wife who has always lived in cities in California has really enjoyed the move. There are times of course when we miss the various amenities of city life – like really nice sushi restaurants. Yesterday was one of those times.

We live on a narrow country road. During the night we got 3 inches of snow which hadn’t been cleared. Typically here in New Mexico it doesn’t stay below freezing during the day so it certainly would melt off later in the day.. Roxanne had a medical appointment in Santa Fe in the afternoon – so she was driving on our still snow covered road, someone came barrelling down it and forced her off the road! She was a little shook up but she and the car were unharmed. This left us with a problem however, the car needed to be pulled out (and given our location it might be hours before a tow truck arrived). So I drove my giant gas guzzling pick truck (the one I bought with four wheel drive and dualies on the back for working on the property). I only drive this vehicle on the road when I am taking trash to the dump.
In order to pull said car out of the ditch I would need a tow chain. I ended up getting a 14 ft tow chain rated at 5400 lbs. I should have bought one of these a while ago, especially considering that the pick up is designed for towing (it’s a three speed with a 460 engine). After purchasing the tow chain, attached it to the trailer hitch on the Acura. (Yes I have a trailer hitch on my Acura RL. When my brother saw it after coming back from Iraq, he burst out laughing). My pick-up easily pulled the Acura out and Roxane with a little finessing of her appointment (they had another opening that day) was able to make it on time.
While that’s sounds like a total pain ass, it’s not really any worse than LA traffic. And last time I looked out one of the windows of the house I saw something like this

Yeah I think I can live with occasionally pulling my car out of a ditch.

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