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Family Choice Home Care

I have recently been reviewing caregivers in Southern New Jersey. (Why is another post entirely). This can be difficult process for most people. Typically people are looking for a care givers for their parents who might not be as mobile as they once were. This makes the selection process even more difficult. No one likes to see their parents age, yet time is the one sure thing for all of us.

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Fate of Record Labels

The impending demise of Tower Records – the deep catalog retailer in the record industry has gotten me thinking about what role record labels themselves will play in the iTunes direct to consumer download world. Many people are predicting the death of the record label in the iTunes world. However such predictions (like the predictions of the digital jukebox in the sky with every song made. There’s a reason that thing is in the sky. It’s right next to the pie.)

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Michael J. Fox, Stem Cells and Science

I have been watching the right side of the blogosphere with a great deal of amusement and not a little bit of anger over the ad Michael J. Fox has done for Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Part of the problem is that most Americans have NO idea how basic science and scientific research is done. As a result we see people consistently parade around the idea, “that if embroynic stem cell have any value, private industry would be working with them.”

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Iraq – A True Hobbesian State

On this blog I have mostly devoted myself to Thalasar web projects than I do talking about politics. However I was struck by a recent article in The Atlantic on withdrawl from Iraq.

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BSG, DDO, Backups, Earlymiser – Talking with Dameron

Brian (11:59 AM) :
We should start raiding the Restless Isles chests
dameron (11:59 AM) :
we should do ghola fan with the drow babies
dameron (12:00 PM) :
i have an idea that we might just waltz through it, tener, darlaa ecole and tahan
Brian (12:01 PM) :
Ok – I need you to begin beta testing
Brian (12:01 PM) :
dameron (12:01 PM) :

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We are all Goldwater Democrats Now

This weekend I happened to catch the HBO documentary, Mr. Conservative. To tell you the truth I didn’t know much about Barry Goldwater other than the typical way he is lauded for launching the modern conservative movement with his failed presidential run in 1964.

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Bob Parsons – Stop Whining

In this post Bob Parson’s goes on interminably about what a horrible practice “domain kiting” (Bob’s term, not mine) is. While I agree the practice as described might be annoying, it’s not the end of the world, nor are these domains “out of the public’s hands.”

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Spam Blog

A lot has been written about the sudden torrent of spam blogs (splogs), I think the problem is not nearly so bad as some people make it out to be. First off any free hosting service is going to serve as a vector for this sort of content. Everyone seems to blame Google and Blogspot which hardly seems appropriate. Everyone also apparently has a very short memory. This is has been a problem before and was solved before.

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Ugh – No Entries

Want to make sure you post something to your blog every day? Simply change your browser’s home page to the blog. In no time at all you will want to change that post, update the links, do something to make it a little less boring. I have been way too busy to post things but here’s an update. I spent this weekend futzing with and learning MT.

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