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Icons VS Text Links VS Nothing?

As you can see I have added icons to various social bookmarking services at the bottom of posts. I think they are kinda cute and they replaced my text based links which I had previously. After making the change (and writing an MT plugin to do it – I should have checked the plugin directory BTW. There’s a plugin that already does it!) I began wondering if it made sense to do this?

I naturally googled to see if anyone had done any study of the various effects of adding the icons. I am using the smallest icons possible but I am also using a LOT of services. I like it but I suspect I am perhaps wrong. In fact it’s because I like it, I decided to check it. Here’s a post at 37 Signals blog decrying the practice as a visual eyesore. But my blog is designed to be easier on the eyes than a typical blog. It’s not covered with ads so it’s not as visually as nasty as some (Chowa Johna). On the other hand the 37 Signals revisited the issue and it appears that some bookmarks are effective in increasing traffic.
Not being one to leave well enough alone, I went trapsing through the blogosphere. Sure enough Dave at Mezzoblue thinks it’s a horrible idea. I wandered over to Ionfish who believes it shows a hint of immodesty. Capture the conversation also feels it’s over the top.
On the other hand many of the blogs bitching about the issue such as Labnol are covered in ads. My social bookmarking appear after a post and are similar to a closing slug.
So should I keep the icon pyramid? Go back to the text? Have nothing? The icons take up less real estate effectively. Gimme feedback in the comments. It’s too late to set up a poll.

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2 Responses to “Icons VS Text Links VS Nothing?”

  1. mark says:

    i think that is too many, try to reduce to just the important or popular one.

  2. The question is how to decide? Should I just go with Netscape, Reddit and Digg and In many ways it’s hard to pick the winners in the social bookmarking market.