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I got an email from Broc over at Existential Adventures about his first giveaway

I then spent some time over at his blog. Couple of things that immediately strike me. First off his navigation (gray on black in my Mozilla) makes it hard to read his navigation. The second thing that strikes me is the generational differences. I am 38. I imagine Broc who dropped out of college to become an internet entrepreneur is 20. For him the net and web have always been on. They are large part of his formative development. So him dropping out of college and deciding to try his hand at something is a completely different formative experience. The web seems to foster entrepreneurship since it drive the cost of customer acquisition so low. When I started my first company (Paladin Communications) customer acquisition costs were far higher. It had a long sales cycle relative to the web. I was the only sales person so the company could only scale as quickly as I could bring on new customers. (Please note I was 23 when I started that company).
It’s entirely possible today, that a blog could serve as the primary form of lead generation for a startup company. No expensive sales people, no cold calling etc.
Anyway Broc is giving away a Canon Photo Printer Pixma iP1700. His rules for the giveaway are here
I particularly enjoyed his post on using as a marketing tool. I should probably be more active in my social networking, but I am a pretty poor social marketer.

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2 Responses to “ and Existential Adventures”

  1. broc says:

    I am working on a wordpress theme that will be much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read
    Thanks for the mention man
    and yeah
    I am 18
    I graduated highschool very early

  2. No problem and good luck with the giveaway. The key to making those work is getting good coverage. You might want to do a press release and distribute it via PR Leap.