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I am a noted dog lover. I currently have 4 dogs; two Tibetan Mastiffs which are large working dogs native to the Tibetan plateau. They are noted for their size and power (males typically range 125~160 lbs). They are very suspicious of strangers, protective of their families and surprising emotionally sensitive to disagreements. They are not dogs for everyone. In fact the breed which is a rare breed simply isn’t for everyone. I also have a Charpei Lab mix named Devo. Devo is a rescue from the Pasadena Humane Society and a Chow Chow Austrialian Shepherd mix also a rescue from the Pasadena Humane Society. Sasha, the Chow Chow/Austrialian Shepherd mix is a great dog, highly intelligent (from the Australian Shepherd side no doubt).

I love my dogs so much that one time I was feeding the dogs a natural diet, that I cooked myslf. Given that my dogs range in size from 65lbs to 140lbs this was an incredibly time consuming task. I used formulas from several books such as Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative and while my dogs thrived on them I simply couldn’t prepare enough food consistently enough. I admit it – I ran out of time. So instead theTM group I am a member of noted that Innova had come out with a new brand of super premium call Evolutionary Diet. It’s an excellent super premium food. Please note when I say super premium I mean it. A 28 lb bag of Evolutionary diet will run you at least $43. However I can testify that short of the home cooked diets it’s the best dog food you can buy.
So my love of dogs lead me to an idea to build a series of sites devoted to a specific breeds and so I embarked on a dog related domain buying spree.

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