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Season Premiere

I missed last week’s season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. Luckily for me SciFi will stream the episode to me at Battlestar Galactica streamed from Scifi. Some thoughts on the show.

For the longest time I was wondering why they simply didn’t make Lucy Lawless a regular on the show. She often was on the show more than regular characters and was surprised she didn’t join the show. Now of course all of her models (the threes) have been deemed flawed and the Cylons have put her into cold storage. One of the interesting things was the question of the “Chosen One”. D’Anna Biers thought she was it, Balter thought he was and I thought it was the chief (notice how he was just drawn to the temple?) and at the end of the of the episode it’s pretty apparent that Starbuck is the “chosen one”
Three’s final moments are pretty scary if you actually think about the implications. The current humaniod models of Cylons have no idea who programmed them or set them on their journary to destroy humanity. The fact the at the faces of the final five cylons are unknown to the first seven is strange. Brother Cavil seems to think that it’s really bad idea to find out as he was going to shoot Three as she went to the spot Baltar called the Eye. Clearly one of the faces of the final five is someone we already know – I don’t think it’s Baltar since it’s too obvious. Three’s language at that point is even stranger – she says to one of the hooded figures, “Forgive me, I had no idea” with a clear look of sorrow on her face as though this were a person she wronged in someway. (On the other hand it might be cool to have a Bunch of Baltars – I imagine they are like the Baltar of 6’s imagination – arrogant, brilliant and cold hearted.)

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