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Season Finale Time for BSG

This post will contain numerous spoilers so be forwarned. If you haven’t watched BSG’s Season Two finale and you don’t want to get spoiled I suggest that you hit the back button now.

I am not too certain what to make of the season finale. In my mind far too much happened this episode. While it was ninety minutes long, I am mixed on what actually occurred on the episode. I don’t think the last thirty minutes was Baltar’s dream – it was far too telegraphed and Moore likes to play with expectations. I mean opening on Baltar laying his head down and opening the scene up when he wakes up one year later is just too easy.
Let’s begin with the elections. Roslin attempting to fix the election isn’t surprising. She has often sided on what she felt is right rather than a strict reading of the law. Several things felt seriously wrong with the year later Galactica. The total abandonment of the Galactica in just one year doesn’t seem possible. I mean the Galactica was in better shape with more crew when it was about to be de-commissioned and become a floating museum. I doubt everyone would suddenly leave the ship for the cold barely habitable planet. No offense but Galactica is far more inviting than that planet. You would think after having their planets nuked that they would immediately start arming that planet to the teeth with orbiting weapons platforms.
Baltar’s behaviour in Year One is also strange. He suddenly becomes a drunken womanizer who is regularly having three ways in his office? Has power gone to his head? It’s almost as though he’s drunk with power. Additionally after one year, everyone is still living in tents? I mean really but up some permanent structures.
This highlights one of the strange subtexts that has been running throughout BSG. I get a real sense that this particular breed of humans is more extreme than our versions. It’s almost as though their passions and loves are far more extreme. For example Starbucks behavior with Xander when Lee walks in almost cartoonish in many ways. This is a running sub-text throughout Galactica and it’s apparent that these are people whose passions often rule their reason. This is why they seem to run from one thing to the next. Why even after the nuking their is a peace movement. I mean really for fracks sake – you had a peace agreement with the Cylons. They decided to end it by killing almost every single human.
I have come to the conclusion that the Cylons are not the clever robots they want to be. They are totally insane. They are completely fixiated with humanity. They nuked the 12 Colonies. Through the efforts of Caprica 6 and Sharon Valerii, they sent a message that they are going their own way (with a great job by Dean Stockwell). So a year later they come looking for the humans again? I guess that their own way didn’t quite work out. My guess is that the Cylons have screwed the pooch on their designs and need the humans. The completely machine path is closed off to them. At this point humanity consists of a small town of roughly 39,100 people. The fixation of the Cylons with humanity is driven by desperation. Desperation to fulfill their God’s commands – Commands they cannot fulfill as they have backed themselves into a corner.

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