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Coronado Ventures Forum – Mobile apps forum

I went to the Coronado Ventures Forum on mobile apps which only had one speaker with a mobile application. (Sorry Ipad only apps don’t count in my mind). Mobile apps are just that mobile apps. Ipad usage is similar to netbook usage by consumers and typically that is at home. That was the CEO of Jack Rabbit Systems, Andrew Van Luchene. It wasn’t a bad event. I wish the moderator had kept a firmer hand on the tax crank who showed up.

Yet another reoccurring theme of the night was the difficulty of finding talent in New Mexico. By talent people mean engineering talent. It was problem at Deep Web and it’s going to be a for any startup in New Mexico. My advice of course is to design your development environment to be entirely virtual so you can go after talent where ever you can. This requires a more disciplined approach in the design and requirement phase of the project as you cannot rely on informal communication to sort out issues. This means Github for code control, campfire for virtual discussions and some form of project management tool that is virtual. That will allow you to scale your organization without being tied geographic regions.

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