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Sunday Link Roundup

In the Sunday Roundup I cover areas that I find interesting in the blogosphere. This week it’s comment spam – which seems to plague every single CMS platform. There are a number of ways people are fighting comment spam. On the Movable Type front here’s a link to the MT wiki on fighting comment spam in MT. Here’s how Drupal deals with comment spam. There’s also the comment spam service Akismet and a link to one blogger’s experience with Akismet

Here’s a variety of methods on combating comment spam on the WordPress platform. Here’s a rather comprehensive list of plugins and techniques for combatting comment spam. There a wide variety of techniques and plugins out there. You might want to mix and match services for the best results – using Akismet and turning the time between comment posts. A little experimentation will be required for your blog and hosting environment for optimimum performance.

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