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Upgrade Complete. Mostly.

I have to hand to the guys over at Six Apart the latest version of Movable Type (3.34) is a great improvement over the previous version I was running. Updating and changing templates was a snap. I now use the the Style Catcher plugin for managing styles and it’s a great help. I will be making changes to the templates over the next week but this template is a great improvement over the template “inspired” by Craig Newmark.

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2 Responses to “Upgrade Complete. Mostly.”

  1. Anil Dash says:

    Glad that’s working better for you! We’ve got a lot more planned for MT this year, so it should get a lot easier, too.

  2. Well actually the MT upgrade was pretty painless. The new template upgrade was whole other kettle of fish – simply because I STILL haven’t mastered MT’s templating language. But there’s no better approach to learning than doing!