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Inventor of Hotmail turns his attention to weblogs

Cause Sabeer’s last too projects went so well. I love the fact that they mention Arzoo. Here’s their quote

Mr Bhatia’s new venture is his first since investing $8m of his own money, along with $7m raised from financial backers in Arzoo, a virtual classroom of free-lance academics and computer specialists who answer questions on IT problems encountered at home, or in a large workplace. That venture, however, ultimately flopped as a business.

Except of course that was Arzoo’s second business model. It’s first business model was a shopping comparison engine. When it was apparent that was a much harder road to slog fraught with competitors, they re-tooled and spent the rest of the money on their virtual classroom idea. So Arzoo is really two start-up failures in one. I also remember that Bhatia made similar extravagent claims about Arzoo, that it would reinvent shopping. Let’s look at what it really is.

Users of the website will be able to download a toolbar that allows them to write and publish their own blogs, while also giving Hotmail users faster access to their messages.

YAWN. A toolbar that allows BLOGGING! Hotmail message caching! The stupid thing is that according to the article Bhatia has spent $5 million dollars developing this. Congrats my friend, I smell an even bigger flop than Arzoo.

Sabeer Bhatia, the Bangalore student who with a colleague invented the iconic Hotmail e-mail service and went on to make a fortune by selling it to Microsoft, is returning to fix what he describes as a �neglected stepchild�.

Ok my friend, one hit doesn’t make you Kal-EL. I doubt very much that blogging is a neglected stepchild of anything especially since everyone else seems to have figured this blogging thing out before you have. You are a little late to the party.

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