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LA Prop Houses is an online resource that offers sources for the entertainment industry. The website was once a printed book called Debbies book, founded by Debbie Hemela in 1978. The book represents every major prop house and resource for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Debbie personally inspects the inventory practices and companies listed in the book. This means prop masters, set decorators, and and set designers can get vetted sources for their productions. It is the most complete sourcebook for the entertainment industry. When selecting the best LA prop houses it is important that the prop houses be vetted. Designers need to know that a prop house is reliable and has the item they’re looking for. All resources in have been vetted to confirm that all items that are listed in our database are actually available. Additionally the sourcebook online indexes prop houses date databases in real time. This means you get the latest information for prop house. Debbie also runs a daily prop house blog which she updates with news about sources. For the set designer or set decorator looking for an edge, Debbies Book is the resource you need.

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