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Review Of Agent Organizer’s Real Estate Organizer Software

Real estate agents are notoriously an unorganized lot. One company, Agent Organizer has their Real Estate Software to help deal with the issue.

While there are a number Web 2.0 companies in real estate, (Zillow comes to mind), it’s apparent that as far as managing contacts, listings, buyers, finances, appointments, and tasks a software package residing on the notebook is the way to go for realtors. Realtors are constantly in the field and given the lack of wireless broadband connections in most municipalities, that is unlikely to change over the next decade.
Agent Organizer’s Real Estate Software really is a full service solution since the package allows agents not only to manage contacts but also handles mail merge functions, allowing for easy creation of mailers and flyers.
They also synchronize with your existing Microsoft contacts which makes it easy to manage and use the application (and then export your contacts back out to Outlook). It allows agents to track their listing, manage expiration and closing dates as well export that information into a variety of formats.
Agent Organizer replaces the hodge podge of software programs that most agents are using and replaces them with an single easy to use interface, while maintaining compatibility with your existing software programs. This is one of the best features of Agent Organizer – it’s ability to synch up with pretty much every thing you are currently running. It doesn’t lock you into a single application but plays well with others which is always important for an application. I don’t like an application that locks into a proprietary format with no way at getting at your data.
The wide range of reports that are pre-formatted reports for agents (such as Income Report
Income Report By Category, Top Listings:Sales Report, Top Listings: Commission Report
Top Buyers:Sales Report, Top Buyers:Commission Reports) means that the average agent can move up to a better performing agent just by getting this package,
Real Estate Software is a available for a free 15 day trial.
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  1. Anything can help make us more organized!! I’d love a little more functionality out of my computer! Thanks for the Tidbit.