Thalasar Ventures


I am a pretty devoted SCI-FI fan. I usually tivo the Friday night line up of the Sci-Fi channel. Battle Star Galactica is seriously the best non-HBO television out there today. I suggest you give it a watching to really get a feel for it.

I also watch SG1 and Atlantis. Remarkably SG1 is in its ninth season and also quite remarably is showing incredible legs for the show format. Why? Cause stuff actually happens. When the SG1 story arc began, humanity was the new kid on the block, facing a serious threat from the Go’auld. After years of fighting the Go’auld are finally defeated. Resolving that story arc took roughly seven seasons and it’s to the show’s credit, they actually defeated the bad guys.
To keep things going they introduced the Ori – the Go’auld on steroids. I must compliment the writers and producers at the show. They have in the past killed off several main characters (who didn’t stay dead) and several re-occuirng characters (the docter and Jacob for example). Let’s face it, it’s a war and bad things happen in war. This time though the killed off a reoccuring character and earth’s very first interstellar craft., Prometheus. This is pretty crippling to Earth in the show’s storyline as Earth only has two of these craft (although the scuttlebutt around the net is that two more Prometheus class ships; Odessy & Orion will be added to Earth’s fleet..
I look forward to season 10.

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