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Yahoo Inlinks Badge = The New Page Rank?

I was checking the number of pages a couple of my websites have in the Yahoo Index (specifically I was checking Early Miser, price compare everywhere when I noticed a brand noticed a brand new feature on the Yahoo Search Site Explorer on the right hand side labled Badge.

The badge indicates the number of inlink a domain has according to the Yahoo Index. Here’s the badge for Thalasar

Links to Site

That is the site wide badge - you can also chose a badge to a specific page. What's interesting of course is that Yahoo is coming up with their own badge as opposed to the many third party badges for Google. Since you weren't supposed to talk about Page Rank - coming up with an official badge would have been a bad idea from Google's perspectative. I on the other hand like the fact that Yahoo is proactively doing this. On the other hand I wish it would properly display in MT as well ....

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