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How Advertisers Should Use Pay Per Post

I have used Pay Per Post to announce my site Early Miser. I also use the service as a blogger and have earned a bit more than a $1000 from posts I have done in the last week. After using the system both as an advertiser and as a blogger I have some ideas for advertisers looking to get the most from Pay Per Post.

Be Realistic

If someone has an Alex Ranking of less than 9,999; they are unlikely to take your post for less $100. Their traffic is far too valuable and quite frankly with that sort of Alexa rating, they are more than likely making a lot more money than a $25 post. In fact at those traffic levels they are going to ignore pay per post unless it’s worth the brand dilution for their website. Just be aware that bloggers have a brand to manage as well.

What’s the purpose of the campaign?

Is the purpose of the campaign to build buzz? Or is it to build incoming links? Is it to build Pagerank? Remarkably many of these questions clearly have gone unanswered in the opportunities what the purpose of the campaign is. Decide exactly what that purpose is and design the campaign around it. There’s nothing wrong with a campaign that builds lots of incoming links. If you are building Page Rank, it’s far better to be linked to by fewer higher Page Rank blogs than lots of blogs with NO page rank. If it’s to build a general buzz, try focusing on blogs with higher technorati rankings – you are trying to capture blog influencers here.

Stand Out

There are a lot of $7 opportunities in Pay Per Post and quite frankly in order to stand out you need to bid at least $15 or make the opportunity worth the time for the blogger. Try making the opportunity interesting or offbeat. Bloggers love interesting ideas. One of my favorites was an opportunity to sponsor a banana photo contest that invited bloggers to come up with a theme to encourage their readers to submit a photograph of a banana. It was cute and it engaged bloggers and their readers. These sorts of opportunities play well with bloggers.

It’s great for link building, don’t be so stingy

Given that this is a permanent one way link Pay per Post is a great value. Compare it with your traditional link buying strategies in directories and you will find Pay Per Post a great value.

Target the right place for your message

Use the categories and description of your campaign to target the right blogs. When I did my first campaign I didn’t specify too much as I wanted it to get out there as broadly as possible. Your campaign will be more effective if you communicate the type of blog you are looking for. That said you should probably make sure that you message is in line with your targeted blog audience.

Pay Per Post is a great way to build your brand, get high quality backlinks and even quite a few conversions on proper campaigns. Try your budget out on multiple testing campaigns – just keep in mind that you should treat Pay per Post like you treat your link building efforts and it may take time to see the best results.

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