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One of the most competitive keywords in Google is Debt Consolidation. The term returns 4,120,000 results making it a competitive term to say the least.

With this many sites competing for that term you will find a number of approaches to help optimize the site for a specific keyword. One approach is to optimize on page content and provide relevant content to the topic. has that covered as it provides a wealth of information on a wide range of different types of debt. For example, they tackle one of the most common forms of tax problems for small business, namely, tax debt. Indeed the articles at Debt Help cover the entire range of debt problems from home loans to bankruptcy options. In this regard the site seems to be far ahead of it’s competitors. The articles aren’t spammy or keyword stuffed and provide relevant information on the topic at head. It’s pretty common practice to over optimize for search engines with such a competitive term. Debt Help has avoided that problem by focusing on quality informative content.
Overall the design is fluid and clean, and the mouse overs on the user interface lead a potential client through the various options available to them. Finding the proper solution for a particular debt problem is just simple matter of following their online form. The site offers a Debt Solution Help Finder which walks people through various options on different types of debt. For example it can walk a student through the process of finding student loan providers or refinancing a home.
This allows users to self select the appropriate option. In one regard I would make a single change to the form. Currently when linking to the form from an article on student loans for example, it takes to the initial form page which hasn’t selected the type of information you are interested in. What the link should be to is the form with the student loan information preselected. If a user has already displayed an interest in a particular topic, they shouldn’t have to reselect the type of information they are interested in. Someone coming from the student loan database isn’t likely to be interested in a second mortgage or a refinance. There’s no reason they should have to re-select that information.
Overall Debt Help have got the on-page content to help someone find a solution for their debt problems. It’s a competitive marketplace for Debt Consolidation, but they are well on their way to succeeding.

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