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Mediscan – Saving medical staff time and dollars.

One of the areas where medical technology and medical IT is one area where doctors and patients can see a significant ROI. It’s one way to reduce costs (specifically in record keeping). The first step in creating a patient record starts when a patient presents his medical card. One company, Mediscan has a signature product medicscan which automates this process.

Medicscan automates the process of taking a patients insurance card by scanning the card. Mediscan offers a scanner and a variety of packages for handling data. For example the MedicScan PRO OCR+ Scanshell 800R can scan the medical card, extract all the textual information from the card and then make that available to your billing database. The system is capable of scanning any photo media including paper photos, ID cards, checks and even rigid plastic credit cards which means that it offers a single solution for medical scanning.
This saves staff time by eliminating data entry. It also improves accuracy since the original scan is also stored in the system . The system isn’t limited to medical insurance cards either.This system can scan and extract data and images from driver licenses, various ID cards, business cards, checks, etc. This means that you can keep a record of all the other patient information and thus have more complete records on the patient. The process is fully automated so staff can feed the media into the scanner, with scanning and data processing occurs in the background. The data can be exported with ease into an existing billing system.
Medicscan offers one way to improve handling of billing and patient information through automation.

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