Thalasar Ventures quickly readjusts site design.

After my initial review of it looks like they have made a number of the changes that I recommended. This is the sign of a quickly responding debt consolidation company that moves quickly in the marketplace, adjusting quickly to feedback.

In fact I geniunely impressed with the speed with which has changed their site. They have gone with a revamped home page and their Debt solution finder now features a Ajax style interface for the type of debt help you are looking such as student loan consolidation, credit card debt consolidation, tax debt or home equity or re-financing – or just admitting to yourself: I need money today ASAP. The Ajax interface adds a nice touch without being overly gadgety. I am never a fan of using technology for technology’s sake but in this case the Ajax interface adds significantly to the user experience. In fact I can think several cases where the Ajax interface significantly impeded the User experience.
As you might remember one of my recommendations was that they contextualize links from their informational articles and section when directing traffic to the Debt solution finder. It appears they did just that! This helps minimize the user’s clickstream and more importantly prevents needless duplication of interaction on the part of the user.
One of the more helpful features of the site is the ability to sort content by popularity. This means you can quickly glance at the most popular articles at the site. This is helpful because it allows users to find the most popular article on a specific topic. For example the most popular article on the site right now is the article which covers a Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter. Most people are intimidated by the credit bureaus and their helpful sample letter is an ideal resource.

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