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Custom Jewelry – Paragon Lake Reviewed

Typically custom designed jewelry pieces cost thousands and are only affordable to the super rich. One company is trying to use the power of the Internet to make custom jewelry more affordable.

A piece of custom jewelry is always expensive. It’s not the materials but the designer that drives the cost most of the time. High quality designers are expensive. Paragon Lake, a Beverly Hills based jeweler, has made the process of designing custom jewelry more affordable. The process begins when you submit your design request form. They will then match you up with a designer that matches your style. Working from your initial design or sketches, you and the designer work together to bring your piece to life, capturing the essence of your idea.
The designer produces a photo-realistic proof. wax model is created from the rendering you approve. The wax is then cast in metal and the piece is polished in preparation for the final step.
Your piece is then finished and mailed overnight, bringing your vision to life. Paragon Lake has driven the cost of a hiring a custom jewelry designer to as low as $600, which in this marketplace is quite literally a steal. Certainly you can spend more with Paragon Lake depending on your needs but considering that most people pay thousands for a designer for their custom piece of jewelry, being able to get a designer at such a low price is a great deal.
Here’s just one example of Paragon Lake’s designers at work.

Great example of Paragon Lake's custom design work

The site is well designed and you can quickly see the process for designing your custom piece of jewelry. One great feature is the Paragon Lake ring builder which allows you to build custom engagement rings through a web based process. You can select diamond shape, diamond color, diamond clarity and you can even select carat. I found a 7.12 carat diamond at Paragon Lake for $340,906. You can also start with your preferred setting instead of diamond.

The design process is explain for each type of jewelry with extensive photo galleries. Here’s the overview of the custom jewelry gallery. I am surprised how well Paragon Lake has done building a web site that captures the personal process of designing custom jewelry. Typically this is a fairly intimate process and finding that designer that bring your vision to life is difficult. The fact that Paragon Lake handles that first step and matches a designer to your vision means that it moves custom jewelry from the realm of the super rich and into the realm of the affordable.

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2 Responses to “Custom Jewelry – Paragon Lake Reviewed”

  1. Sarah Hobbins says:

    My husband gave me a pair of earrings he designed with them. He was able to incorporate my love for music into the earrings and it meant a lot to me. If it is any consolation, as the recipient of one of thier pieces I would love to receive something again!

  2. Great to hear! My wife and I were looking for a designer to work with us on our wedding bands. In the end we couldn’t find a designer and decided on plain bands until we did. Maybe it’s time since Paragon Lake makes it so easy.