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Soft Goods VS. Hard Goods Comparison Shopping

I have launched a service of vertical shopping portals. The first of these is Designer Shoes for Sale. The fundamental problem I am trying to solve is that people shop for different goods in different ways.
For example shoes are purchased in a fundamentally different way than high end electronics. For example shoe sizing and shoe fit are very different from designer to designer. Most people when they are shopping for shoes online are looking for a replacement pair of shoes to the ones they already own. No shopper is going to buy a pair of shoes from a new designer without trying it on first. This makes for a fundamentally different buying experience. With Designer Shoes for Sale, I have made sure to display stocking and sizing availability for each designer and each shoe. This means consumers can quickly find if I have the correct size in stock and then check other shopping venues such as Ebay and on the same page to make sure my price is rock solid. So I try to make the buying experience re-affirm the fact that they are buying the exact same product they currently have.

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