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Ok here’s an update on the Metapedia project. From Gunther one of the project members,

As the presentation says the project is a complement to the other wikipedias.
It is a complement in the sense that it sets its focus on different subcultures, and is therefore providing a chance for people with subcultural interests and cultural/political minorities to write about the things that are important to them, from their viewpoint, instead of being “written about” in the other encyclopaedias.
With this complementing approach we hope to create an interesting community where people can present and share ideas and perspectives on the world, both in an historical and current sense of time. We also hope that this project can extend the freedom of speech, by also giving people the “ability to speak”.
Some examples of popular topics that are currently being written about in the Swedish version of the project:
Alternative music (Ambient/Etheral/Heavenly/Industrial/Noise/Electronics/Militaristic/Dark Folk/Neo-folk/Medieval/Neo-klassisk/Dark Metal/Black Metal/NSBM etc.)
European mythology/culture/history/religion/tradition
Politics (Marxism, Socialism, Anarchism, Nationalism, Antifascism, Traditionalism, etc.)
Religion (Christianity, Islam, occult and esoteric religions like heathendom, satanism, ariosophy, etc.),
Science (Sociology, archaeology, astronomy, anthropology, language and writing history, etc.)
Philosophy, History, and much, much more.
But it is really up to the users what they want to write about, we’re hoping to get a broad spectrum of writers. The Swedish project is already up and running on if you want to have a look. It’s all in Swedish though.

So it definitely sounds edgier than normal Wikipedia which almost always gets watered down. I look forward to the music section, largely because Sweden is the #3 exporter of music in the world. It’s not all ABBA and Ace of Base either. Sweden has a vibrant music scene and industry.

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